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Published on July 13th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Nintendo Blowout: 1K Original Famicom Consoles Up For Auction!

It’s over 900! *wink*


Happening right now as I type: an EPIC AUCTION of 1000 Famicom consoles!

Hooray! Summer is officially here (for a few weeks already …I know, I know. sheesh)!!! While I’m sure oodles of awesome things are happening this sassy season — like Digging up Aliens in New Mexico — one of them is definitely the epic auction over at Yahoo! Auctions Japan that’s taking place RIGHT NOW!

With just 2 days left, the price for one-thousand of these 8-bit era bad boys is set at $7.5 million yen. That’s roughly $76,000 USD. You could buy 585 Nintendo Wiis for that much, couldn’t you? Heck, for that much moolah you could become a member of CKE18 for the next 250 years! LOL! Do you think you’d grow tired of Japanese chakuero cuties by then?

July 15, 1983 was the day…

Upon first glance of this grandiose auction, one may interpret it as having that typical “WTFJAPAN” written all over it. However, in-the-know gamers and faithful Nintendo disciples alike will observe that there’s a very important date just a few days away. July 15 will be the 30th anniversary of the Famicom‘s original release in Japan, and like the excavation of Atari’s mysterious landfill in New Mexico, this auction also serves to commemorate a pivotal moment in gaming history.

Congrats to the Winners

If you thought I’d leave you hanging without some WTF tidbits, fret not! Turns out there’s some interesting stipulations that must be met by the winner: The consoles are to remain in Japan; The winner must be prepared to receive all of the 1,000 consoles in shipments of 30 at a time. If the winner is cramped for space, maybe he/she wouldn’t mind reserving me one on my next visit! 🙂

Sources & Special Shoutouts:  Kotaku via 秒間SUNDAY

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