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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Nintendo Pulling The Plug This Christmas Season? Calling It Quits?


(I can already hear some of you preparing a knuckle-sandwich for me. I’ll take it with extra sriracha, on rye. Hold the cheese please!)

Have no fear ye Nintendo die-hards, the Japanese company is still thriving and with something very interesting (at least I think so :P) tentatively planned for this Christmas season ’13. Turning back the clock and going full retro, they intend to release a game that is neither digital nor electronic — hence “pulling the plug”. Paying tribute to its humble beginnings (before their epic foray into the world of video games) when they made hanafuda cards and other actual games, Nintendo has the sleek and stunning Yakuman Hōō (Yakuman Phoenix) on-deck: a Mahjong set!

nintendo mahjong yakuman hoo 02

Are you sure Nintendo made this? How do we know? Let’s find out!

At first, one might not even recognize the set as being a bona fide Nintendo product. With the company being so well-known for it’s many inimitable franchises, it’s almost impossible to remove the classic images of Mario punching bricks or Link raising a missing piece of the Triforce from one’s mind. So where are they? To top it off, the only way you’ll probably know this was made by Nintendo is if you scrutinize the heck out of it. They took a very subdued approach to the branding presence on the Yakuman Hōō; only displaying the Nintendo logo on the chip faces. Aside from that, there’s a 1 Circle (tile) featuring a cute little tortoise. Hey …could that be a reference to Koopas or even Bowser? I’m throwing my money down that it is!

nintendo mahjong yakuman hoo 01

Let’s lay it on the table: Various tiles, chips and die from Nintendo’s upcoming Mahjong game set.

The set will run you around $190 USD, making it a tad pricey in my book. So, unless you’re a serious Nintendo fanatic, you might consider sticking to your favorite Mahjong phone app or something that could be picked up from a local retailer for cheaper. There is, of course, the impulse buy where you say “F**k It!” and treat yourself with a little splurge. However, it is pretty cool to see them delving in to the realm of “unplugged” entertainment, even if it’s a one-off endeavor. Time and sales will tell though, I’m guessing.

It is very neat and shiny, don’t you think? (oooooooh ahhhhhhhhhh). Maybe this year is a good one to get into Mahjong: Nintendo style! Would you buy one of these for yourself or a close friend? Maybe we should ask our CKE18 girls if they’re dreaming to have one magically appear this Christmas.

*Reaching for wallet*

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  1. Rat King says:

    I’d buy one for sure, and play it on top of a CKE18 girl’s booty! No tickling the table though, this game requires steady concentration!

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