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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Rat King


One night with Mina from Kyoto

(Here’s a story written by one of our Members.  In return, he won Rimi’s slingshot bikini.)

I wish I could go back to that night….


It was long past the hour of midnight when I handed her the final warm cup of smooth saké and gazed into her innocent eyes. Mina was so cute and sweet that I wondered if the distance of our age would isolate us from each other in ways that would be limiting. But Mina’s enormous spirit was well beyond her years and it lit my soul on fire and begged for more exploration.


I remembered vividly her softness which drew me too her at first glance. Now two nights had passed since my friend had arranged our initial meeting. This gorgeous flower was warming up to me just according to plan. What a delight!

The warmth of our shared saké touched Mina’s lips, which were parting more than before. Her pink tongue was loose and slipping from her mouth in a promising fashion. She was clearly lusty for life and ready to live. Mina had just completed her final teens and her youth was no longer holding her back. She was finally ready to fulfill the desire that so many had shown her and missed out on. My timing was perfect!

I grabbed her legs and spread them slightly in a soft motion as I felt the size and shape of her girly silk panties. She giggled a little and asked me to stop but only for a moment and not sincerely. Soon she was twitching and contorting her body and giving way with more giggles and smiles. I asked her to come to my hotel near the bamboo forests of Arashiyama. She agreed almost hesitantly while she moaned. I clinched the back of her moist tight white panties and felt a surge of energy from her pussy.


She leaned over me in the taxi with her long and willowy body and placed her tiny hand softly on my crotch. I ignored the driver and pulled her panties up and her pink shirt over her shoulders and down to her waist. I began fingering her wet panties and softly licking on her small hard nipples. She moaned more as we arrived at the hotel entrance.


Back in the room she got to her knees and removed my boxers. Her large brown eyes were hungry and fearful as she licked the full length of my large hard cock. I pushed her back and positioned my self behind her. With my face down and tongue out I pulled her petite ass to the air and began lapping and rimming her slowly and deliberately through her panties. Her smooth snatch and flowery scent were more than anyone could ask! She was sweeter than candy and softer than velvet!

I asked her to keep the panties on her young bald pussy as I parted her legs and mounted her on the far side of the bed, spinning her to a multitude of positions over the course of the next hour. She cried and moaned until her cry was higher than the clouds. We climaxed together with our lips locked and her shiny white teeth nibbling on my tongue.

It’s been nearly ten years since that glorious night on the outskirts of Kyoto. Her white panties are still part of my safely protected and very special collection. Mina is older now but will always remain young in my mind. And when I think of her she is exactly as she was that night on the outskirts of Kyoto.

Written by PurePink

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