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Published on December 14th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Otaku Spanking Apps For Your Smartphone!

Apps for Android and iPhone are just exploding these days. With so many out there to choose from, and wave after wave of them in development, I often feel like there couldn’t possibly be any more uncharted territory left for apps to explore. Time and time again, I end up reminding myself how foolish a feeling that is, especially when coming across off-beat apps like Rainbow Soft’s “Spanking” (version 2.0). It’s definitely a must-ret for the ecchi otakus out there, despite some of the flaws and missed opportunities that could’ve made it so much better.

Appropriately named, “Spanking” is a straightforward touch-and-swipe where you “get naughty” by whacking away at the bottoms of submissive girls (and guys) using an array of classic objects like a leather belt, wooden paddle and the old standby: your open palm. Note that these kinky tools — except the hand, which you start with — unlock as you progress by racking up points and completing stages. More on that later.


Do you recognize these pixels?

As one would expect with anything in the cutesy vein of manga/anime, your chosen spankee is replete with shimmering eyes and a beaming face that reeks of pure innocence. I’d read that each spankee is modeled after characters from popular anime. I’m far from an expert, but browsing the selection screen, I’m sure the girl with long turquoise pigtails is Hatsune Miku. Naruto is definitely in there, too! The emerald-green shieldmaiden looks very interesting. Who could she be? Help me out guys 🙂

After you’ve filled in your chosen your spankee and filled in her name, it’s straight off to the discipline room (if you could call it that). Inside, you’ll then be met with your obedient slave doing an about face with her skirt pulled up to reveal a sexy pair of white cotton panties. Hanging on the wall to encourage your wrath is a crude picture frame which reads, “This is what you get!” — no doubt also serving to remind your spankee what happens when he/she crosses you.


Got beef with Hatsune Miku-chan? Spank those cheeks until they’re red.

With regards to the spanking room, I found that picnic-clothed table to be rather distracting. Are we supposed to be in a kitchen or … ? And what’s with the mysterious rainbow thingy sitting on top of the table? What’s that supposed to be? Is it some kind of psychedelic JELL-O mold, a frosted cake, a collection of books? The whole thing seems like it was just thrown in to fill space. Why not try putting in something relevant like a BDSM rack featuring the toys you’ll eventually have at your disposal. If you ask me, that would be better than a table that’s just sitting there with no purpose other than to make you wonder, “WTF!”. Am I missing something here?

I digress…


A host of available toys can be unlocked and used upon the ass of your spankee. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to much difference from one tool to the next other than appearance.

Now that you’re ready to begin spanking some tushy, you’ll notice the palm sprite idling away on your touchscreen. Use it! Simple enough: all you need to do is position the palm at any starting distance using your finger, then swipe it along a direct path to your spankee’s bum. Don’t miss! If you hit your mark, you’ll hear a loud *SMACK* and a cry of pleasure emitting from your slave. The palm (or any of the un-lockable toys for that matter) will quickly reset so you can begin walloping those cheeks over and over. Pay attention to how many points you earn, for different smacking speeds and distances play a role. Try it out. Now you’re getting the hang of it! Hear that cheesy-ass porn music repeating in the background? Awwww yeah! Watch those buttocks turn pink to red!

Once you’ve reached 1,000 points, the first round will end, allowing you to proceed to the next one. Each round –six rounds in total — raises the amount of points you need to move on (i.e. 1k/1.1k/1.2k/1.3k/1.4k/1.5k) . I didn’t find this much of a hurdle to deal with since a long range spank will bring in about 70+ points each time. Doing this as quickly as you can makes the rounds fly by. Oh, you’ll also receive a new toy to try out on your girl/guy at each new round. No purchase necessary.

At this time, I’m unable to discern if certain toys yield higher points or not. The difference in gains seems negligible at best, suggesting these toys are merely present for aesthetics. If you’re used to scenarios where you’d only use your default item/weapon as a last resort, “Spanking” may leave you a tad confused because there are no “big guns” to spice things up. Furthermore, there’s no risk factor involved. I’d like to have seen a countdown timer that would challenge you to rack up as many points as possible before running out. How about 3-strike rule where your slave turns on you for waiting too long in between whacks? One complaint I read is there’s no option to strip those panties off and go right for the bare flesh. What a shame 🙁

All in all, it’s important to remember “Spanking” is a free app and, as such, you can’t expect it to have all the bells and whistles other free-to-play games may have. The lack of risks and actual challenges makes it a distraction that I can’t see many repeatedly coming back to. Because of that, the app will get deleted, forgotten about, or replaced by something similar with more replay value (perhaps by ones like these). The potential is there and hopefully Rainbow Soft is already developing their sophomore effort as I write this. Heck, would you guys like to see an app where you can spank our CKE18 bunnies to your heart’s content? Hmmmm, that gives me an idea!

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