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    Published on February 5th, 2013 | by Tanuki


    「Outfoxed」:: Tanuki & The Search for the Golden Destiny (Part 3)

    And like a dissipating clump of wispy clouds passing through the summer sky, the Water Angel’s gorgeous visage slowly faded away into the lush greenery of the garden. Tanuki was left befuddled, wondering if the encounter had actually happened. So many inexplicably divine and surreal things he’d experienced in her presence. Needless to say, Tanuki’s reality was touched deep to its core. He had changed.


    A lump in his throat began to form as the wily raccoon became melancholy, thinking he would never see the Angel again. He pondered a few moments on the mission’s objective; the onsen’s natural soundtrack of calming water played softly in the background. Reviewing his datapad of the three suspects, it had finally come down to one remaining CKE18 girl: Mikuru. Suddenly, a gleam of determination shone bright across Tanuki’s glossy-black eyes, lighting them up like a pachinko parlor. He dug his paws into the garden soil, threw on his anti-Booty Smash shades, and began marching his way back into the compound.

    ***************BEGIN DOSSIER ENTRY****************

    Notes on Suspect #3: (from Tanuki’s dossier) Mikuru is an unabashedly cute Japanese nymphet that oozes sexiness from every pore on her supple 18 year-old body. Her lithe physique has been known to heat up any movie set with unpredictable, almost fully-naked, chakuero teasings leaving everyone captivated and lust-drunk.

    Mikuru’s youthful face had the likeness of an innocent porcelain doll, yet with a spark of naughtiness inside those deceptive eyes. Swishing freely atop her head like a leather whip is a bushy ponytail, that actually bares closer resemblance to that of a sly fox’s. Those auburn-cherry and vanilla highlights hypnotically beckon, “come hither” to all those who ogle the young mistress. She would be a formidable challenge for me …if I were still a teen-age panty forager like my cousin; chasing after schoolgirls at any given chance *chuckle*. Ha! Mikuru should be a cakewalk …as long as I avoid her Booty Smash.

    ***************END DOSSIER ENTRY****************

    After ridding my paws of damp soil, I negotiated myself quietly through the sliding doors leading out of the garden and back into CKE18 headquarters. I’d returned to the very same room where Ryouko had placed a Strawberry Pocky spell on me earlier that day to an almost damning outcome for my mission. Now, the room was not only void of the temptress, but the spastic sound of photos being snapped had also ceased. Replacing the ruckus, something new was lingering—something I couldn’t quite put my paw on. Warm peaches, brown sugar and graham-cracker crust, fresh from a piping-hot oven …could it be?

    Eat the Pie! BE the pie!


    Mikuru was reported to be  in a lesser-known sector of CKE18‘s hideout: a room located up the stairway on the east-side. Recon’s map sensors were reporting insane amounts of kogane 黄金 nano-particles emanating from that direction, so there was no other option but to high-tail it there before it was gone.

    The delicious smell of peach pie grew stronger as I applied the layered fur of my belly to the hardwood and slid down the hallway, then shifting quickly into a perfect, text-book spin-dash down the staircase (hats off to my blue hedgehog friend for that one). Hitting each step along the way caused tiny farts to chirp from my tail, sounding like an angry cat sneezing through a baritone sax. Strawberry Pocky not agreeing with me. (‘-’*)

    Crashing to the bottom floor *ooomf*, I dove for the first thing that would give me some sort of concealment: a suspiciously stained Atsuko Maeda body pillow propped against a potted fern. Good grief! Someone been lovin’ on that sweet muffin’. The pillow would suffice for the time being since I needed a moment to get my bearings on the situation. I still felt a tad dizzy from the hedgehog routine, so all the better.

    Peering out from under the frumpy pillow, I made out a sleek, white leather couch with nicely padded cushions that practically lured me to pounce on them. Also, a deep backing that provided plenty of shock absorption for those “naughty times”. Oooh la la! The sweet wafting of warm peach pie became even stronger now, and I could guesstimate that a slice (or two) with my name on it was just beyond that grand white sofa. My view was heavily obscured, so I crept low and wedged myself under the leather couch to look for the peachy treat. Now, let’s see what mysterious gifts are waiting to be unwrapped in this fancy little room.

    *Nnnyarp — Nnnyarp — Nnnyarp*

    Tanuki froze in place, frightened from the sudden shattering of the room’s quietude.

    ((((;゜Д゜))) My datapad alarm began yapping like a defective Furby! “Huh!? What!? Where is it? Damnit!!!”

    Not So Fast

    At this moment, Agent Tanuki began scolding himself with a barrage of the most profane obscenities in his native raccoon language. Parents, block your child’s ears! His portly mid-section had really gotten him into trouble this time. He’d found himself stuck under the couch, wriggling his limbs in vain, trying to scamper back to his chirping datapad. Tanuki’s “perfect, text-book spin-dash” acrobatics had caused the electronic device to be flung from his wrist, just a few feet from where the Atsuko Maeda pillow was located.

    Luck has run out!

    The not-so-skillful detective was left like a sitting duck waiting for some-ONE or some-THING to come by and snatch him up. A door creaked open and footsteps approached. Tanuki’s mind raced with panic and thoughts of what may become of him.


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