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    Pantyface Invasion :: Japan’s Hottest New Fashion Fetish?

    Attention, creepy otauku fetishists! There’s a new wave of sub-culture fashion exploding onto the faces of cute Japanese schoolgirls, and its not exactly what you’d expect (or wish. hey, get yer mind out of the gutter!).

    Winning Combo: Piggy-backs and Panty Faces.

    The common use for panties–covering up your private area, of course–has taken a spin …a headspin, that is! Popping up in newspapers, magazines, movie posters and internet, we’re seeing (mostly) young girls donning panties over their face. Is this just a goofy trend or could it become a new staple in modern Japanese fashion? Step aside, Gyaru, Visual kei and Lolita! Credit goes to this site for exposing the rest of the world to this kinky, new fetish.

    I can hear the sighs of relief from all the chikan photographers that no longer need to be super discreet to snap a couple raunchy, up-skirt photos. Now all they need to do is aim for the head. Simple enough. Can you say EZ-MODE! But wait …does this mean the girls will be walking around completely bare down below? (begins rubbing hands together in excitement)

    Back to Reality (Awww Shux)!

    Inspired from the original series published by Jump Comics!

    My Japanese schoolgirl panty fantasies were dashed once I came to find that all the fanfare surrounding these photos were due to the new raunchy action/comedy film: HK (or Kyūkyoku!! Hentai Kamen). “Very interesting”, I thought. The premise of this delightfully perverted feature had me in stitches. LOL! Check out a quick rundown below or watch the hilarious Japanese trailer that follows. I know you’ll dig it.

    Synopsis: Kyōsuke Shikijō, the film’s protagonist, is a shy High School student that discovers he has super powers from sniffing panties. As it turns out, the origin of these abilities are passed down from a perverted gene his mother carries. The whiffing of girl’s skivvies awakens the potency of this gene and turns Kyōsuke into quite the “sexy” hero!

    He becomes enamored with fellow student Aiko: a gorgeous schoolgirl whom he’d rescued from a cruel hazing. Subsequently, Aiko runs into trouble (again); being taken captive in a bank robbery heist. Unintentionally grabbing a pair of panties for a disguise, Kyōsuke comes to her rescue with the undies strapped over his face. That’s when the mysterious “transformation” begins. A must see for any J-enthusiast with a penchant for the weird!

    New Addition to CKE18?

    Uri cosplaying as a sexy pantyface invader! wwwww

    Now, how about we take a trip back to the land of make believe. Let’s re-imagine the panty mask invasion for our own devious purposes. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to get freaky with Uri-chan. Those aqua panties over her face really bring out the mystery and innocence of her eyes. Oooooh. Which of our models would YOU love to see in full pantyface regalia?

    It’s settled! We shall begin at once by amending our model interviews with a new, additional question: “Are you comfortable performing chakuero teases with panties on your face?” The Pantyface Invasion may not actually be happening, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start one of our own!

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