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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by SP Pengin


Peek-a-boo Meeting

Prior to the site launch, we had a big meeting with our Japanese designer. Before hopping on the train, I got up early and worked out some last minute details we had put together the day before.



I was so caught up in the meeting that I didn’t get to take the photos I should have. The cafe we went to was super cool. It had chandeliers made out of books, tire tracks on the ceiling, and anime everywhere. The best part though was the mirror on the wall above our table. You wouldn’t know it, but right on the other side was the mens urinal. You could take a whiz while watching everyone in the restaurant! I couldn’t decide if I liked it or if it freaked me out, so I drank as many drinks as I could afford so I had a chance to do a couple of evaluations. Final verdict… a bit pee shy, but AWESOME.

Another highlight of the meeting was the drink. It was a special winter season only hot ginger drink. Real ginger; thick and spicy; perfect on the stomach.

The meeting went well; the designer drew up some great plans; the day could not have been better.




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