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Japanese Couples Getting Too Wrapped-Up in Eachother! Sexy & Weird Photography!

What is this! Stop! What comes to your mind when you first see this photo? Crammed and contorted into suspended animation, it’s as if these two were cocooned by a giant, cybernetic spider on a cocaine binge! Not too far off from the world of sci-fi/fantasy, a modern visual artist poses his figures in such a strange way—so as to express the complex themes of relationships and love.

Perhaps Japanese Photographer Hal envisioned himself as a rampaging arachnid, stalking his prey and encasing the defenseless humanoids as food or personal entertainment. With a spindle of cellophane on demand, there isn’t anything that can escape his clutches. Nah, that’s more likely to be my twisted fantasy than his (I’m sure), but these photos sure provoke some wild mental imagery, emotions and …flavors(?).

Tapping the Psyche

Taste the Rainbow: A fruity treat from Japan the kids will love! via:

When I look at Hal-san’s subjects from afar, they almost look like little packaged candies one finds at the grocery store. This is most evident and vivid where the couples are adorned in vibrant articles of clothing. My childhood memories of running to the candy store to tear into a fresh pack of Skittles come flooding back.

Catching that sweet wafting aroma of artificial goodness gives me such goosebumps of nostalgia. Just thinking about it, I feel like I’ve taken a power shot of saccharum to my noggen. Talk about ingrained subliminal candy marketing from years ago. LOL! Are you the Willy Wonka of photography, Hal-san???

Stay-Fresh, People!

Just call me the “Suga Daddy”!

There’s a method to Hal’s madness and it begins with finding the right couples. In the thick of the night, he ventures to the seedier parts of Tokyo’s underground in search of what he describes as, “luscious night time bee-hives”. Once he’s found the right couple, he seduces them back to his pad where the magic happens!

Like a flash, the frantic wrapping of his subjects ensues. Snarled together on the floor, their limbs discombobulate and vision warp into a state of confusion. As hot breathe fogs the inner walls of cellophane, the bizarre host becomes a blurry figure, dancing around their restricted bodies. Next comes the violent sound of a hungry vacuum sucking the air from the already cramped space inside. Sheer nirvana for anyone with the slightest of claustrophobia.

Now, the timer is set! This is the moment of truth. Oxygen begins running out and Hal-san must capture the defining moments that make each and every one of his FLESH LOVE series eye candy for the soul. Will he let his subjects perish inside their plastic wrap prison?

As he looks through the camera’s lens, sizing up his perfect shot, I can hear him serenading his nervous guests:

Come with me
And you’ll be
In a world of
Pure imagination
Take a look
And you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
The world of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy

I couldn’t have sung (explained) it any better myself, Hal-san! Today’s photos come from a large online collection of Hal-san’s works, which can be viewed here. Check it out! And my final question for your all:

If you were to be a subject in one of Hal-san’s photo’s with any CKE18 girl, who would it be?

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