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Published on September 8th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Ninja Win :: Picking Up Japanese Girls w/ Cool Gadgets?!

Rule number 1 of picking up Japanese girls: always have a plan that is subtle yet effective. If you go about things in an ill-prepared manner (or you’re insane like these guys) you’ll most certainly fail—fail miserably at that—and send the ladies fleeing in disgust. If you’re a real creeper, you won’t care and hope that you can, at least, catch a cheap look at their panties as the wind tosses their skirts while they sprint to the nearest kōban (police box). Don’t be that guy!


The master at work: Soezimax gives a tutorial on how to fly the AR Drone 2.0 to an audience of cute Japanese schoolgirls.

If you’re hoping to refine your A-game or are just looking to make some kawaii Japanese girlfriends for “future endeavors”, take a lesson from this skilled Ninja of nanpa (picking up girls): Shingo Soezima-san (aka Soezimax)! I was impressed by how low-key he is with the girls, showing that subtlety and patience wins over macho muscle-flexing.

The greatest of Shingo-san’s ninja skills is perhaps his creative use of video. With more than 230 short films to his credit, it should come as no surprise that Shingo is at ease behind (and in front) of the camera as both director and actor. Watch as he makes it look so simple—effortless even!

The Cool Guy w/ the Toys!


The girls excitedly play janken for a shot at who-gets-to-fly-the-drone-first!

Today, to ease awkward tension with the Japanese schoolgirls, he opens up with a nice “ice-breaker”: he’s brought a nifty remote controlled flying machine. The progressive, hi-tech design of the AR Drone make it an intriguingly curious object, grabbing the girls attention instantly. Rather then trying to impress the girls with his piloting skills, he hands them the remote control. After all, doing is much more fun than watching, right—especially when a cool toy is involved.

The pay-off for us, is we get to watch these incredibly cute schoolgirls at play, smiling, giggling and just being …girls! Since this was smooth ice-breaker to get things started, I’m wondering what toys Soezimax has lined up for the girls next? (Insert dirty fantasy here).

Joking aside: Soezimax probably isn’t the devious pick-up artist like I’ve illustrated here, but I do love his channel for the short films, candid clips (like above) and Beer reviews! You should check him out if you’re into independent films involving action, humor and yes …you might even see some schoolgirl hotties there, too (weapon-wielding schoolgirls, at that!).

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