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Behind the Scenes

Published on April 13th, 2012 | by SP Pengin


Planning the Website


Here it is…we have liftoff! CKE18 version ZERO, on paper like a giant puzzle just waiting to be put together. We didn’t have enough space on the office floor so we used it as an excuse to go have some beer at my German friends place. He’s a rocket scientist with a company paid penthouse apartment that goes for $18,000 per month. I don’t mean that as a figure of speech, it’s his actual job and he makes the big bucks. He gets to tell Japanese girls about rockets which you know they always end up seeing… in his BEDROOM. Speaking of which haha, I bought him some glow in the dark star stickers from Don Quijote last year for his birthday. He’s got them over his bed and of course the ladies love it! I get a lot of friends back home telling me they wish they could have my job, but honestly this guy is a heck of a lot cooler and has way better luck than I do.


Deutchland ist sehr toll!
Three cheers to the Germans.
Tschüß! Tschüß! Tschüß!


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