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Rejection and Rage :: A Japanese Schoolgirl Scorned Seeks Revenge!

Today’s upcoming story is yet another careful reminder to watch your step when it comes to Japanese schoolgirls unless you enjoy a sound thrashing (or have some sort of death wish, that is).

Since the birth of our CKE18 Blog, we’ve given plenty of ecchi attention to the “good girls” of J-Land—so much so that we’ve become hooked on them. Every once in a while, though, that stream of attention gets broken when we come across an article where one of the “good girls” turns into a very, VERY bad one. We’ve seen these transformed naughty schoolgirls do all sorts of vile things: like murdering radishes to kamehameha-ing class bullies into outer space! The one common thread that binds all these incidents together is that these girls were pushed over the limit. That, and I suspect they may have been a little cray cray to begin with. Heh!

Before we kickoff the story, let’s open ‘er up by taking a very quick look at flirting and friend-requesting. I’m guessing some of you may find the subtle advances of your typical kawaii schoolgirl/boy to be exhilarating, especially if those flirts are sent in your direction. Take, for example, the chain of events in a general flirting scenario:

The flirter has just begun working his/her mojo on the target of their desire. Now, one of two things tend to occur thereafter:

1) The flirtee accepts the flirters efforts, and things progress smashingly.


2) The flirter gets denied in some fashion, takes a hint, stops, and then moves along.

Paralleling that same course of “accept” or “deny”, friend requesting is something, I must assume, we’ve all experienced at one point or another (on Facebook, durrrrr). It should be plain and simple, right? No hard feelings. End of story, right? Wrong! True, no one likes or wants to be rejected, but it happens, and when it does, it can suck BIGTIME. A majority of us will just move on and get over it, but what happens when someone can’t handle even the slightest bit of rejection? Queue the story…

A Story of Rejection and Rage

angry schoolgirl 02

Smack down! Can you imagine a wave of 20 pissed off Japanese schoolgirls coming after you for rejecting the friend request of someone you’ve never even met?

A recent article that caught our eye tells of one vengeful Japanese schoolgirl’s rampage to get some payback from a boy who declined her friend request on the popular messaging app, LINE. (Both students go unnamed, so for our purposes, let’s pretend the girl is called, Kaori; the boy, Jin.) All it took was a simple “no” to send Kaori hunting for Jin along with a wrangled group of 20 hot-headed girls to assist her towards some violent end (as you’ll see).

fight cloudKaori and her pack of wild girls, by some form of intel, were able to locate Jin in a nearby park where he was hanging with twelve other boys; all unsuspecting of what was about to occur. From there, things escalated rapidly with the girls going after Jin and his cronies. They were assaulted with a flurry kicks and punches.

After the brawl subsided, the injury report for the Jin’s team came in with one boy receiving a broken nose, while a few others were roughed up a bit. On Kaori’s team, six were eventually taken into custody by the cops.

What a nasty succession of things to unfold over something so seemingly frivolous. You can’t make this stuff up, LOL! So remember guys, be kind and tread lightly in any matter involving Japanese schoolgirls, because you don’t want the nightmare that will befall you like our pal, Jin-san! Once they’re pushed over the edge, there’s no coming back.

Story Source: Yahoo! Japan News (Japanese)

Image Source: Ben-To Net

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