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Published on October 26th, 2013 | by Tanuki


CKE18 Girls Ryouko, Uta and Uri Mysteriously Vanish! (Part 1: The Call)

tokyo thick airStrange things have been happening this month. The air has become thicker with intermittent wafts of an acrid stench — a stench of the likes that is potent enough to turn my stomach. I’ve been wearing a double-ply surgical mask for the past 3 weeks straight to try and protect myself from the acute bronchitis outbreak that’s been putting people on their asses! Something isn’t right. Fewer people have been showing up to work; some calling out while others seemed to have simply vanished into thin air. No one is saying much, rather the look of concern I see in their eyes speaks loud and clear.

dead crowThe neighborhood parks have gone from bustling with the laughter of children playing, to the eerie sound of vacant swing-sets creaking in the breeze. The supermarkets are operating on a skeleton crew and a greater presence of police patrol the streets. At night, I now sleep less and less. It’s impossible to drift into a slumber when I feel so on edge. I’ve been awoken several times with what I thought were the distant cries of people pleading for help or in excruciating pain. Is it all in my head? What is going on?

These peculiar happenings seem to have been demystified by the know-it-all Doomsayers who are out in full force, warning the public of reanimated corpses, vampiric blood lust and a plague that causes the craving for brains. Part of me laughs at them as if to say, “Sure, sure… try again, losers! I’ve already seen that movie. You guys are bat-shit crazy!”. It wasn’t until I popped over to CKE18 Headquarters to meet with Ryouko, Uta and Uri-chan for a 3-way photo session that I began wonder if those lunatics (maybe) weren’t as out-to-lunch as I thought.

I stood inside the usual meeting room and, much to my surprise, the trio of CKE18 bunnies were no where to be found. It wasn’t like Ryouko, Uta and Uri-chan to be late for a session — or in this case, not show up at all — so I increasingly became concerned as the minutes ticked on. Without the girls around, the half-assembled set looked more and more dull without any chakuero magic to bring it to life. What a bummer!

Were they playing a trick on me perhaps? Hide and seek maybe? Uta was the kind of cruel prankster who got plenty of demented pleasure in seeing her target prankee soil themselves from fright. I was warned about her! Uri being the most innocent would be easily pressured into going along with whatever scheme Uta might have in her panties, that’s for sure. I was up for a challenge, so I rubbed my hands together and looked forward to giving them all a spanking once I found them.

I checked inside a couple closets and behind that famous chair Mikuru had squirted on, but no luck. Calling out for their names in vain, the interior of the meeting room seemed to get smaller, almost claustrophobic. The more I shouted for them, the more those walls absorbed my voice. I began to feel as though I was hoping for too much. I guess it wouldn’t be all that traumatic to find the girls had decided to bail for some reason (like maybe they’d gotten ill or were too afraid to come) … but times were times changing … for the worse it seemed. I couldn’t even get a hold of RatKing: the man in charge of wrangling and booking of the cuties. Why wasn’t he here either? But even more pressing of a question: why had I seen three pairs of girls’ shoes in genkan? It didn’t make sense. They had to be in here somewhere.

Moving through the meeting room, there was a hint of staleness in the air, as if the windows hadn’t been opened for a couple weeks. It was dim in there, so I went to draw the shades and found several nails driven along the sill. Well, well … big surprise (not really)! I’d forgotten for a split second that the fresh air quality of Tokyo had been replaced with the traveling aroma of rotting crow carcasses as of late. In any case, that window wasn’t coming open whether I wanted it to or not. I settled for what little light was provided and then flipped open my cell phone to call the only girl of the three who’s number I had: Ryouko-chan (aka The Queen of Pocky). It was her absence, in particular, that really puzzled me since she was known to have impeccable attendance to all her shoots.

Waiting … waiting … waiting … Just after the fifth ring, I heard the other end of cellphone pick up, but no one spoke. “Konnichiwa! Ryouko-chan, are you there? Is … Is that you? Are you hiding somewhere in here?”, I asked with waning optimism. Still nothing. I thought that it must’ve been bad reception, as I only had 1 bar showing at the moment. Frustration set in! I was a about to hang up and try her again when the sound of something almost inexplicable came through. What I imagined I heard was like a soggy, sopping wet towel being squeezed tightly to wring itself free of all water. “… …uhm …Hello?”. I held my breath and pressed my phone tight against my ear to try and decipher what I was happening. The sound kept repeating: softer … then louder, then softer again.

At this point, I’d become far too creeped out to say anything. I stood there frozen, enthralled with that mysterious sound. I needed to know what it was. If this was some kind of prank — and it certainly did have that obligatory WTFJAPAN ingredient already spicing things up — I wasn’t going to let it get the best of me. I hung the phone up to call Ryouko again; this time with more determination. As I tapped redial with my thumb, I felt a loud, single thud boom under my feet. “Yipes!” I jumped on to the Mikuru-stained couch and looked in the direction of where I’d heard that startling clunk. Coming from directly under my feet meant the only way I could investigate that noise further would be to go into … the basement.

(Continue to PART II: The Basement)

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2 Responses to CKE18 Girls Ryouko, Uta and Uri Mysteriously Vanish! (Part 1: The Call)

  1. Rat King says:


    It’s RK! I’m here! I tried to call many times but your phone’s not ringing. Not surprised with this terrible air over the city putting everyone in a panic. My guess is the tsunami brought it in and it will clear out soon.

    I thought a message on the blog would be quicker. My internet at home is down and trying to find public wifi in Tokyo is a nightmare, but I managed to find a hotspot down the street. It’s those guys I sent you a photo of… the Apocalypse freaks. It was funny at first but they seem extra agitated today.

    No idea where the girls are, but if they’ve become zombies we might have to change the shooting script ;D In any case, sit tight and I’ll be there soon. Heading to the subway now!

    Rat King

  2. alamarco says:

    Interesting story. Can’t wait for the conclusion. Wonder who picked up that phone. 😛

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