Screencaps: Satsuki’s Cotton Panties Lure in the Director

We try not to “play favorites” with the girls at CKE18, but I have to admit there’s something about Satsuki that the staff and I can’t get enough of. We would love to hear your speculation in the comments below on what makes her so attractive.

The funny thing about being a Director and always shooting is that quite often I don’t have time to watch every finished video of a girl. With Satsuki though I seem to find myself indulging a bit more than usual.

I’m not the one that usually does screen-caps but I knew when shooting this set that it was going to be one of my favorites… and not because I dove in and got my hands wet! It was all because of Satsuki and the way she moved around in her cosplay uniform; the way her cotton panties looked against her lovely skin, and the way she breathed as I touched her. After licking my fingers clean (literally), I made a note to make some screencaps from the raw footage for you guys. The staff only needed a handful but I ended up taking over 200. Needless to say, they made fun of me for getting a little carried away.

Here are some of my favorites! I hope you enjoy them ^_^

~Director S.

Satsuki is Sailor Moon

Satsuki Japanese Fan Service!

Satsuki's white cotton panties

Time to touch Satsuki

Playing Satsuki like the new Playstation

Fingers under Satsuki's japanese panties

Satsuki Japanese ass!

Satsuki has wet panties

Satsuki cotton panty thong

Satsuki's sweet spot

Satsuki's booty hole dance

Satsuki wild Japanese schoolgirl

extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Extreme Japanese Teen Tease

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