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Small Panty Japanese Girls in Space!

Interstellar Exclusive:  We are proud to announce that CKE18 is the first to send small panty Japanese girls into space and from now on, every human (or alien) who becomes a Member of our site, will be supporting the ongoing mission!


On June 18th, the company Lone Signal began it’s first satelite broadcast to Gliese 526, a potentially habitable solar system 17.6 light years away from Earth.  The signal travels at the speed of light, so that means aliens might see wonderful Japanese girls for the first time in about 17 years.  The only question remains, will they be enticed to pay us a visit afterwords?!  Let’s hope so!

We had watched Lone Signal several months before it’s opening day broadcast and made sure to be ready for the launch.  Who did we send up first?  Well that was easy!  We used CKE18 member’s feedback and our rating system to determine that genki girl Uta chan was most fit for the mission…


From the start we knew that users on Lone Signal would be sending many types of messages, hoping aliens would reply or pay us a visit.  The CKE18 staff believes in UFOs and because we shoot the most beautiful girls on Earth, we felt our team had the best chance to lure aliens to our planet!

Here is our first message in it’s entirety:

Hello!  Konnichiwa from Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan, Earth!  (35.6984° N, 139.7722° E).  Let’s try a half alien, half human baby hybrid together!  But on Earth, we have rules.  #1.  The girl should be legal age so you don’t go to jail.  #2.  Only girls can have babies unless you know an alien trick making a guy have a baby.  #3  You want to find the most beautiful, sexiest, cutest girl for alien sex because it will be the most fun!  Earth is a big planet, so where to start?  Check out this photo of Uta, a famous Japanese talent AND she likes aliens too.  That’s just an example, not permission!  Does her small panty make you excited in your pants?  The best girls are in Japan so come here first and make a signal so we can find you!  We will take you to a  maid cafe in Akihabara because that’s a good place to start to find a cute girl that likes something space, plus we will make a robot girl who will do ANYTHING and never complain even if you eat GoGoCurry! and forget to take a shower! That project is scheduled to finish before you arrive.  Please visit our girls in bed, but don’t scare them too much, and don’t try to destroy us.  We have ancient skills to fight you, but we prefer to be friends so see you soon!

Be proud to know that as a CKE18 Member, part of your membership is supporting our ongoing effort to make contact with hentai aliens.  But what do you think?  When aliens do contact Earth, do you think their first request will be to speak to world leaders, or visit CKE18 headquarters?!  wwww. Oh, and as a side note, we promise that if we do meet aliens, we’ll be the first to make a crazy Alien/Japanese adult site.

For more information or to send your own messages into space, follow Lone Signal:

If you’re not a Member of CKE18, consider joining.  Enjoy great videos of incredibly cute Japanese girls and help us meet aliens too!

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