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Published on September 21st, 2013 | by Tanuki


Snag Yourself Some Freshly Used Panties from Japan! (Shop vs Win)

used-panties-schoolgirlPsssst. Looking to spruce up your secret collection of ecchi otaku delights? Sure, maybe you’ve got some special items from your favorite JAV Idols (like signed photos or DVDs of Uta Kohaku, for example), but why not take it a step further? Open your hand, reach for that waistband and snag yourself panties worn by real Japanese girls. Well, you won’t be pulling panties off these girls per se, (that’s rude …unless they want you to), they’ll be pulling ’em off for you. Now isn’t that convenient!

Shop Used Japanese Girls’ Panties Online

Used Japanese panties are a super-hot item for the curious, casual and hardcore fetishists alike. In Japan, an interested shopper can venture out and find a tucked away burusera shop which specialize in a host of used panties, lingerie, bloomers and other hosiery. If you neither live in Japan nor have access to one of these hush-hush boutiques, you’re still in luck.

WIN Panties and Other Goodies Used by CKE18 Girls


Get Some! As a member of CKE18 you can enter our contests and win naughty prizes. All prizes are something that our girls have handled with “extra special care”.

One site that Tanuki knows of is a treasure trove of sexy adult products from Japan. For the panty enthusiasts they have a nice little section dedicated to those tight, cute cotton thingies girls wear to cover their nether regions. If you’re feeling frisky Tanuki highly recommends having a gander at their Used Panty and Fun Stuff sections. You’ll definitely find something there to treat yourself or that special someone with a taste of kinky Japan.

The picture on the left is from our contest page. There, you will see a list of current and past giveaways that our members won.

Winning is easy! You don’t have to be a Ninja Fail and go to the extent of stalking trains, bathrooms or even sewer drains to receive that carnal rush. Nope! Being a member of CKE18 gets you insta-access to our extreme chakuero tease videos, picture galleries and contests. If you’ve ever wanted that little something to add to your ecchi collection, we can help you get there!

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