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    If You Could Be Stranded on Any Island, Where Would It Be?

    Your Hentai Paradise?

    If you could live on any island, where would it be? How would you describe that exotic locale and who (or what) would you bring along? While I’m very much tempted to nominate Johnny Depp’s private Caribbean island as my #1 permanent getaway of choice, I recently came across a new place that may nudge out that top spot …for good.


    “It’s like we’re on an island, a place to call our own. A shiver, a thrill I’ve never known…” (from “Only with You” by Tatsuro Yamashita / Alan O’Day)

    Master Roshi’s Island: a wonderful place that I thought only existed in the fictitious world of Dragon Ball is apparently located amidst a cluster of islands in the Philippines. Remember The Kame House (Roshi’s home), too? Ah, that den of juicy hentai happenings and rigorous martial arts training. The images return to me from when I used to love thumbing through old DB tankōbon as a young pipsqueak. Oh nostalgia!


    Noy Isyon Island, Philippines: I think I can spot Roshi’s bald head and some dirty magazines from here!

    Hidden away like Mother Nature guarding one of her naughty secrets, the petite islet is nestled on a lake, inside an island that’s surrounded by even more islands. Huh? Could you say that again? This is indeed a special place for tranquil seclusion and is said to be a real challenge to find. A more detailed account of one journalist’s trek (more like wild goose chase) to the islet can be read here!


    My island girl, Tia-chan!

    master-roshi-magazineIf I could only bring one CKE18 bunny with me (though any of them would be an absolute pleasure), it would have to be Tia-chan.

    Tia’s slender build, with her curvy hips, generous bust and milky skin, would provide a striking compliment to the already lush panorama of Noy Isyon Island. Monkeys will shake down the coconuts from the trees in a frenzy of gratitude when they see her approaching the islet. “The island Queen has arrived!”

    And what about her flowing locks of gold that seem to attract the tropical rays of sunlight? So magnetic! I believe I’d need to wear shades to fend of that glowing beauty, lest I be frozen in place. An angel such as this …I want to be with <3

    I can see myself growing old by her side; having showered her with unconditional love, keeping her safe from harm for many years in our own paradise. In the winter of my life, when the time comes that I draw my final breath, I shall cozy up next to Tia-chan on my sun chair. With a grand smile on my face, I’ll toss my shades on to enjoy one last gaze of her beauty. Caressing her in my hands, I shall hold on until my grip loosens. I depart for the next world (Upper World?) a happy old geezer.

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