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Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Tanuki


Stunningly Adorable Chinese Girl Is Actually 35 Years Old! No Way!

The fountain of youth. Does it exist? The snake oil salesman is always selling, and people are always buying. Many do their best to escape the visible signs of aging by taking vitamins, supplements, elixirs, or having various surgeries. Yet, time always catches up in the end doesn’t it? There are, however, a blessed group of people that seem impervious to the sands of time, and require none of the aforementioned tricks to maintain the appearance of youth. That group is commonly referred to as (drum roll) ASIANS (esp. the ladies)! If you don’t believe me or require convincing, then look no further, for today I present to you, definitive proof against any argument to the contrary. *snickering*


Timeless beauty: ”十早z” (apparently) born in the gool ol’ Year of Our Lord, 1979.

Check out this 35-year-old Chinese woman who easily looks half her age. Easily! If you were to stand her side-by-side with Uri-chan, do you think you’d be able to distinguish the real teen from the imposter? I didn’t think so, heh! Anyway, her photos sure have a ton of people awe-struck, some even believing she might even be a “ghost or fairy”. Remaining anonymous, she goes by the username ”十早z” on the popular blogging site, Weibo. Call it what you will, but if she really is 35, then the following photos are a testament to

cute-chinese-woman-35-years-old-03 cute-chinese-woman-35-years-old-04 cute-chinese-woman-35-years-old-02cute-chinese-woman-35-years-old-07

Okay, so we could go a more grounded-in-reality route and owe it to ”十早z” having superhuman genes, and taking very good care of herself. For over three decades! Any way you cut it, you’ve got admit she’s damn cute and if she hasn’t made a long career as a fashion/print model, I’d be very surprised. So, could we say that in another 30 years from now (when she’s 65), ”十早z” will actually look 35? It’s anyone’s guess. However, according to one scientifically-reliable timeline about Asian women, we could extrapolate that by the time “The Big M” rears its ugly head, a sudden transformation will take place.


Story and Photos: Source | Graphic: Imgur

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