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t.A.T.u. Shoots Commercial in Japan

I’m personally a big fan of t.A.T.y. That’s t.A.T.u, tATu or tatu for those of you who aren’t super fans! Ever since they graced the screen with their “school girls in love” antics I was hooked. Yulia and Lena are of course undoubtedly talented both instrumentally and vocally, but the real genius behind Russia’s first worldwide plantinum duo was Ivan Shapovalov. He skyrocketed them to fame and held on as long as possible until the girls finally split over relationship and creative issues.

Now the girls are back together in full on schoolgirl wear. It’s a “30 seconds” Snickers commercial and this time they’re in Japan of all places! Hopefully you didn’t forget about t.A.T.y. but even if you did, please enjoy the quick CM!

Here are some screencaps from the Snickers Promo page!



Here is a photo from their event in Akihabara. Besides promoting Snickers, they also sung the English version of “All the Things She Said.”


Last but not least, here’s a fun fact you might not know! If you buy a Snickers bar in Japan, it will be made in RUSSIA!

As for Yulia and Lena, if they end up doing a reunion concert in Japan, we’ll be sure to go and take plenty of pictures. No promises on seeing them in thongs, but schoolgirl panties might actually happen! To be continued!

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