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The “Fuck You Man” Attends a “Sausage Party” in Tokyo! (A Mashup Blog Post)

Picture those moments of pure comedy gold when you hear or see something so hilarious, you burst into uncontrollable laughter, tear up and start gripping your sides because your stomach muscles hurt from all the laughing? You know, those times when you’re literally gasping for air, thinking you might actually die from an attack of the giggles? I just had one of those a few minutes ago and let me tell you why. But first, a quick trip down memory lane. Hey! No yawing, you! Read on or Click here to cut the chase!

My first vivid memory of this chuckle fit was when I saw the classic Eddie Murphy RAW (1987) on VHS. A naive kid at the time, I happily endured the some-odd 90-minutes of brilliant bathroom humor that so unmitigatedly plucked the virginity from my eyes and ears, changing me from that moment forward. Not only were my sides sore from intense laughter, but my thumb literally became beat red from pressing the rewind button on my VCR remote. I would simply erupt into hysterics during “The Fuck You Man” segment. I must’ve seen it 30 times that day until I’d winded my howls down to a faint grin.


Now, you’ll probably find it no surprise that I’ve always had a funny bone for that raunchy bathroom humor, but I also found myself in stitches over Eddie’s impersonation of non-native English speakers trying to reproduce his act:

“Now, if you don’t speak English, you can’t hear that bit. All you hear is SHIT, ASS, SHIT, SHIT” also, “…and they get HBO and they (foreigners) catch the lyrics and try to do my act on the street and all they got is the curses…”.

Indeed, it would be an incredibly daunting task to try and copy his act. Heck, even for native English speakers that do get all that slang and layered, cultural context Eddie riffs on, copying it to-the-T just can’t be achieved in my opinion.  Just imagine as a non-native Japanese speaker trying to capture the essence of a Takeshi “Beat” Kitano act? Go for it!

When it comes down to it, the humor (to us) is in the “foreigner” exploring uncharted territory and, at the expense of trying to fit in, he innocently puts his foot into his mouth. We poke fun because we can all sympathize with being in a situation where we unintentionally erred but, in fact, made our peers erupt into laughter.

Years back, before I understood a single word of Portuguese, my Brazilian friends — who were die-hard fans of the Flamengo football team would say to me: “Tanuki, when other Brasileiros ask you who your football team is, you proudly tell them ‘Sou Flamenguista! Pau Erguido!'”. And with that, they would all shout this battle-cry and flex their muscles with great pride and laugh.

One night at a Brazilian party, my friend introduced me to a beautiful girl (who spoke no English). Meeting her was pleasant yet very awkward due to the language barrier. After a few minutes of us smiling, nodding heads and quasi dancing, things started to feel like they were going stale. I decided to break the ice by telling her a little about myself using the aforementioned battle-cry my comrades taught me. Boy did that spice things up! A look of shock instantly came across her face. I got really nervous and sounded that macho battle-cry once again with more vigor, thinking that: a) she didn’t hear me; or b) I butchered the pronunciation. “Sou Flamenguista! PAU ERGUIDO!”, I shouted!

facepalmAt this point, the heads of nearby party-goers had turned and my comrades began laughing hysterically, too. The offended look on the beautiful girl’s face faded and, she too, began to giggle. I thought about what I had said. I knew that “Sou Flamenguista!” = “I’m a Flamengo fan!”. The second part, “Pau Erguido!” I never thought to question because I put faith in that it probably had something to do with supporting the previous statement — as in “I’m a Flamengo fan! GO TEAM!” I came to find out that “Pau Erguido!” is, in fact, slang which basically means “Hard, Erect Cock!”.

So the joke was on me (the foreigner), but I was quickly forgiven for my innocent ignorance of the pervy slang. Actually, for about 30-minutes after my that debacle, I entertained the happily drunken, mid-to-late twenties crowd repeating whatever they told me to say in Portuguese. I guess the spotlight and attention was on me for the time being.

On the one hand, I was cracking them up by saying some pretty naughty things, getting away with murder (from my (temporary) ignorance of the language) while on the other hand, they were using me as an unfiltered mouthpiece to vent, joke and zing one another in the harshest of ways. In the months that followed, I was always invited their parties even after I’d learned the language and the novelty of playing make-the-foreigner-say-dirty-things wore off. Good times!

Get on with it! Let’s Go to the Sausage Fest!

This brings me to the inspiration of today’s post. I recently read an article where some naughty American slang was introduced to a popular Japanese tweeter by the username of @janjan_tomori. Tomori-san, an apparent fan of English and slang couldn’t resist tweeting about it, and ended up sparking a viral retweet burst from curious Japanese netizens! “Sausage fest” was the term of the day and garnered beyond three-thousand retweets in 11 hours. LOL!

janjan_tamori sausage party“My American friend invited me to a party. I think he said, ‘It’s OK even if it’s a sausage party?’ Sausage party seems to mean a party where there’s a lot of men. I have now added to the English I can use.”

Needless to say, the comments and remarks from his Japanese followers were made of that “pure comedy gold” I was referring to at the beginning today’s post. Check out some of the comments highlighted in the article at the following site for some good LOL’s: Rocket News.

Thank you Tamori-san for bringing the sausage party to Japan. Who knows, with some luck it could reach true loan-word status and become accepted for everyday use. ソーセージパーティ行こう!

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