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    「The Queen of Pocky」:: Tanuki & The Search for the Golden Destiny (Part 1)

    Minna-sama, Konnichiwa!

    This is Special Agent Tanuki reporting safely from outside CKE18 Headquarters. The following communiqué is a recount of my search for the Golden Destiny: a powerful beaded necklace (and ancient Tanuki family heirloom) rumored to grant mysterious powers to its bearer. Missing for centuries, it was recently spotted by our team in the hands of Tokyo’s newest ragtag chakuero (着エロ) tease outfit.

    CKE18 Stealth Mission

    My curious snout had propelled me to investigate a suspicious aroma wafting from a loose panel around the backside of the CKE18 compound. Barely inside, I detected the inviting smell of hot, gooey gourmet pizza and crispy Pocky treats. Almost irresistible. My ears then pricked up to the echoes of bubbly giggles and sensual cooing just beyond the end of the tunnel. No doubt, these were the voices of super-kawaii Japanese teen models having way too much naughty fun. “Must be Idol initiations” I thought to myself. The lewd image of half-naked, nubile Japanese girls frolicking around the premises while being filmed, taunted my mind. Oh, the sweet smell of their perspiration as it mingles with their fair skin. They would be vulnerable and unaware of my presence; the perfect opportunity to reclaim the necklace and escape. But first… lunchtime!

    teenage mutant ninja turtles leonardoAs I scurried closer towards the inviting smells and sounds, my stomach rumbled with anticipation. My taste-buds enlivened with thoughts of licking my paws clean of fresh mozzarella and sweet marinara. But what’s this?! I’m not alone. Damn it!

    Hogging my path to the tasty snack towered a muscle-bound, green humanoid with a tortoise shell strapped to its back. “Ridiculous excuse for a shadow agent!” I grumbled to myself. “Friend or foe?”, I then pondered. Was that thing here for the pizza… my Japanese babes, too?! Preliminary reconnaissance established this would be a solo mission; no freakish mercenaries to deal with. Maybe we could strike a deal and not get in each others way. I raised a diplomatic paw to the oafish hulk, then whistled softly to grab its attention. Nothing. The figure held silently, yet proud, like a great, standing Italian sculpture from the Renaissance. It’s bold, black eyes affixed to a steaming Domino’s Pizza box resting atop a computer table littered with empty plastic bottles of green tea and onigiri wrappers.

    Despite my urge to attack that pizza box with a hungering vengeance, there were more pressing matters at hand. Leaving the green petrified ninja to his own devices, my prowl for the Golden Destiny continued…

    Target #1 Acquired: Ryouko-chan

    japanese babes cke18First on my list of CKE18‘s bawdy fledgling models was Ryouko-chan (aka The Queen of Pocky Sweet Sticks). If there’s one thing this raccoon has a weakness for, it’s sexy Japanese babes that indulge in a bit of sweet Pocky play. Interrupting her sultry serenade with a shakedown would be rough, but I had to reclaim the Golden Destiny at any cost.

    Using recon’s coordinates, I crept my way to the location of Ryouko’s scheduled photo-shoot: a cozy rec-room overlooking a private onsen, situated amongst a lush garden. Soft, natural light shone through the sliding doors and bathed her milky skin. Her nubile flesh burgeoned forth from “strategic cuts” tailored into her cotton nightie of pink, polka-dotted hearts.

    As Ryouko reclined onto the smooth leather couch, she laid a fresh stick of Pocky between her petite breasts. The enticing smell of  wild strawberries and cream floated in the air and became stronger with each passing second.
    sexy pocky play
    I could feel the core of my libido being summoned to her chest to snatch up the treat and lap the remaining stickiness from her cleavage. Suddenly, the rapid firing of the camera’s shutter broke my daze, returning me to the objective at hand. I dug my teeth into my bottom lip, biting down firmly until I heard a *crunch*! I gambled that the painful discomfort would keep my wits sharp and remind me to stay focused.

    sexy pocky playRyouko raised her smooth, slender legs, parting them like a butterfly spreading its wings. The top of her nightie fell softly off her shoulders, presenting a pair of peachy toned, perky boobs kissed by the afternoon sunshine. Then, like a feline, she dimmed her eyes in repose. I began to sense she was preparing something wicked!

    japanese panty fetishHugged tight against her freshly shaved pussy, she tugged playfully … teasingly … making the cotton strip narrower, causing the smooth mounds of milky flesh on either side to bulge and undulate like supple balls of pizza dough.

    japanese shaved pussy
    She gripped a single Pocky stick like a magician’s wand between her thumb and forefinger. Lifting it slightly as if to say “PRESTO!”, she sent the strawberry tip downward with a flick of the wrist onto her panties. Ryouko-chan landed a gentle tap of the strawberry frosted tip atop her love button, which nestled warmly inside her panties.

    hot japanese babe panties
    My eyes started to dart about wildly, scanning her indecent body, looking for a sign of the Golden Destiny. Neither a gleam, glimmer nor glint of the beaded relic appeared to be on this luscious Japanese babe. Where was it tucked away? As the photo shoot continued, I forced myself to pull away from this intense chakuero tease and move on to the next suspect on my list: 18 year old, Uri-chan.

    [ Continue to Part 2 :: 「The Water Angel」 :: ]

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