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The Scent of Japanese Girls :: What Do They Smell Like? Let’s Find Out!


Well, what do Japanese girls smell like? Feel free to chime in anytime, kitties!

The Japanese have finally acquired the ability to “bottle” their women — kind of. In my many excursions to the deep regions of the internet in search of naughty otaku culture, I experienced one of the greatest WTF JAPAN moments ever. The Japanese adult novelty company Tamatoys is behind this hentai operation and I’m guessing its making plenty of smell fetishists oh-so-genki! The company has a line of special fragrances that, apparently, reproduce the aromatics of the various erogenous zones and bodily fluids found on girls.

Are your olfactory organs ready for a tour of the Japanese female’s anatomy? Well, let’s have a curious look at some of these kinky and really strange fragrances that are available on the market.

We Start with Some Head!


Scalpus Erectus: Scent of Schoolgirl’s Scalp Lotion!

Have you been dying to know what the scalp of a kawaii schoolgirl smells like (LOL)? Thinking back to my high school days, there was this one adorable Japanese girl that sat in front of me in History class.

Coincidentally, she bore a close resemblance to CKE18 cutie, Uri-chan (check out her free gallery).


Visit the sweetest Japanese angel of them all: Uri-chan! Click her photo to see her newest gallery <3

She had the most incredible scent: very fresh and clean; not over saturated with an intrusive mish-mash of perfumy, cosmetic smells like the other girls. As you might expect, I often found myself leaning towards the back of her head to discreetly “whiff” such a welcoming scent. If Tamatoys’ schoolgirl-scalp-in-a-bottle is anything like that alluring fragrance that had me so distracted, I’m utterly sold.

 Japanese Schoolgirl Sweat in a Bottle!


Spray n’ Play: Capture the sweaty essence of Japanese girls on all your fetishy fabrics.

Gallon upon gallon of these natural secretions have been specially culled from millions of Japanese schoolgirls after rigorous workouts in gym class and various extramural sports. This bottle of youthful Japanese Virgin Girl Sweat Spray is purported to drive men wild when spritzed onto their favorite burusera items: panties, bras, gym shorts and t-shirts. Talk about cranking up one’s hormonal cravings with an added boost to the sense of smell.

Oh My OPPAI / オッパイ Breasts Scent!

japanese-oppai-breast-smell-bottleMinato Motorboatin’ has never been more exciting. Another item that focuses specifically on a part of Japanese girls’ anatomy: big, luscious breasts. I’d wager that many a man has fantasized being smothered between a juicy pair of OL or Schoolgirl oppai, inhaling the musky scent of those ripe melons until suffocation becomes imminent. Are you one of these men? I know I am …so god help me when the day comes when I thrust my furry snout, for one last time, into Yayoi-chan’s delectable boobs just for the intoxicating aroma of her oishii oppai.

Authentic Japanese Girl Pussy Smell / マンコの匂い!

japanese-school-girl-pussy-real-smell-bottle-lotionOf all the womanly scents that could be encapsulated, this is one that makes the most sense (to me anyways). I’d say the needle on my WTFJAPAN-O-METER barely jumps to 1 (out of 10 being the most ridiculous). It’s not that I don’t find this little bottle of J-pussy interesting. In fact, I’d like to buy a bottle of each and every one of these scents (NOT the next one on the list) and write up an in-depth review. Maybe I’ll try an experiment: Hop on the crowded Yamanote line during rush hour with this scent on my clothes. Shall I go for it?

Holy Water (Urine) of High School Girl!

japanese-school-girl-golden-shower-urine-pee-aromaGolden shower enthusiasts, don’t pass this one up. Too shy to ask a Japanese girl to empty her bladder onto your face? Here’s your answer! Douse yourself with some of this “Holy Water” of schoolgirl (Bahahahaha) and get your rocks off. Ask yourself which is easier: twisting off a cap and going to town with this stuff or poking your head through the bottom of a toilet bowl and waiting for it to rain? Don’t get any ideas on option number two!


She get’s herself and the lens all wet!

If you do like seeing sexy Japanese girls ejecting fluid from their private areas, I’ve got just the thing for you. Have you seen Mikuru’s Pee Crazy Video? You won’t be disappointed in her “loss of control as” while she teases herself with the massage wand!

I couldn’t end this weekend’s blog post without some real WTFJAPAN-ness! So, without further ado…

WTFJAPAN Product of the Week: Smell of Boys Anus Oil!



Boy Anus Smell: No further description required.

Really?!?!?! This is truly one of those No-Further-Description-Required moments. I’m kind of at a loss for words with this one. But it’s true, Tamatoys also has this little “forbidden scent” product for those few…very, VERY few individuals (I imagine) that would have any interest in acquiring such a product. J-Vlogger, BusanKevin (from Youtube) touched base on this wacky vial of boy pheromone in a past video. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kev!

extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Extreme Japanese Teen Tease

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