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    「The Water Angel」:: Tanuki & The Search for the Golden Destiny (Part 2)

    When we last left our fearless raccoon sleuth, he had narrowly escaped the mesmerizing allure of Ryouko-chan (The Queen of Pocky Treats). Advancing in reverse, Agent Tanuki prepared himself for the next objective of the mission: an up-close and personal surveillance of Target #2, Uri-chan! [See Part 1 Here]

    I kept low to the floor, in stealth, and crept my way through the sliding doors leading to the garden. As I crossed the threshold to the outside, the hypnotic scent of Ryouko’s  fragrance began to fade away into the air like spent embers from a bonfire. Glad I pilfered a few Pocky treats from the photo shoot for a quick, on-the-move, snack. Munching quietly on the remaining tidbits, I thought of the green stranger I encountered while sneaking into CKE18‘s den. “Here’s to you, silly fool” I chucked, dropping crumbs carelessly onto my fur. A small kuromatsu tree at the edge of the garden looked like a suitable place to lay low, so I made for the prickly branches and resumed my watch.

    The Enchanted Garden

    I was eager to find the spritely 18 year-old known as Uri-chan and determine if she possessed the Golden Destiny. I cringed at the thought that a fresh-faced babe could be coaxed into perverting the sacred necklace in some taboo manner. But alas, the shadow figures at the helm of CKE18 were skilled at transforming such girls into impish debutantes, imbuing them with supernatural sexiness. If my timing was right, and I wager it was, I could rescue Uri’s innocence and my clan’s treasure! I consulted my map, but quickly realized that all I needed were my trusty senses to locate the virgin Japanese teen, for something was stirring in that garden.

    Just then, the nearby sounds of calm, rippling water mixed with the intermittent pitter-patter of splashing percolated within my ears. I lurched my neck through the prickly branches of the kuromatsu tree (my cover) to have a look. Peering in the direction of that pleasant noise, my eyes became focused on a magnificent, yet lonesome shrub that appeared to be sitting by the onsen. “How beautiful!” I gasped in silence. I’d never seen a pieris japonica bush growing so far from her native soils amongst the mountain thickets of Iga. This was something so rare and special that I just had to relish the moment before staking out little Uri-chan.

    The shrub extended its florid limbs to the water so as to quench its parched roots in a deep drink. The moment its pink petals dipped into the shimmering onsen, a strange metamorphosis seemed to take place. I began feeling a strong effect of sedation take hold – sleepiness setting in. Like when a lullaby is sung, blissful slumber was beckoning. Instead of a voice whisking me off to a Neverland paradise, I was soothed by the most beautiful piano ballad I’d ever heard. It’s melancholy verse resonated sweetly, causing my eyes to well with tears of nostalgia as memories of my youth and “simpler times” flooded my thoughts. What the heck was happening to me?

    Suddenly, that extraordinary shrub swelled and swayed, back and forth as if it were revitalized from the onsen’s waters. My vision, though blurred from the teary episode, discerned what appeared to be the figure of a young girl crouching in front of the fervid pool. The water almost seemed to be drawn to her as thin currents rushed in and fluttered around her delicate feet. Uri-chan … could it be?  

    Tenshi no Mizu (天使の水)

    Her face was partially obscured by long, flowing locks of hair which bore tones of ebony, chestnut and auburn. In striking contrast, her milky skin shone bright and unblemished, the sun’s radiance highlighting glimmers of white across her fragile arms and shoulders. She lowered her hand into the onsen, ladling a palm-full of lively water, then raised it upward, closer to her petite frame. Turning her head to gaze into it, a face slowly emerged from the dark plumes of hair like an actor with stagefright peeking out from behind a curtain. She had the look of pure innocence while admiring the scooped-up water, as if to communicate a loving “thank you”. The water then returned to the onsen as quickly as it came to greet her.
    What I had just seen was something of fairytales told to young raccoons from their parents. Did Water Angels truly exist? This defied my sense of logic and deductive reason like never before. I could not deny what had just occurred before me.

    Revelation / Target Acquired?

    The beautiful girl casually unfurled from her hovered position by the onsen, standing up to tall to stretch her limbs, letting out a sigh of resounding relief. She wore a white sundress adorned with floral patterns that depicted petals of pink and golden honey. It was quite becoming on her, but I couldn’t help letting my mind run wild with thoughts of what lay underneath. I wrestled to hold back such thoughts, but a deep craving inside me begged to be satiated.

    nubile japanese buttshot pantiesShe placed her palms on the outside of her creamy thighs and scrunched a piece of sundress into each hand. Pulled taught, it hugged the angel’s petite, pear-shaped bottom as she eased it upwards …slowly cresting over the voluptuous contours. Are you luring me to the gates of heaven, little one?

    cute japanese teen girlReleasing the bunched up garment, the frilly end of her dress came crashing down, protecting her pristine backside from further intrusive peeping by yours truly. Did she know I had been spying through the kuromatsu branches all along? This question forced me to finally blink my star-struck eyes, pick my jaw up off the mossy ground and look away for a moment of contemplation. Nope, she couldn’t have seen through my covert hideout. That’s preposterous!  Shunning the notion that I could have been revealed, I decided to go for broke and sneak in for a closer >> STOP<<

    The angel gracefully turned her head and met her eyes with mine, halting me dead in my path. Locked in place, unable to move, I had been spotted. Sh%t just got real. A gentle breeze swept the Pocky crumbs from my fur and with it a whispering voice could be heard.

    “Tanuki-kun, do not be afraid. I know why you’ve come. You seek to take back the Golden Destiny. It is here …”

    sexy japanese girl undressingB..b..b..but how could she know about my mission? The mysterious girl then grinned wickedly and slid the strap of her sundress from her shoulders, exposing the whole of her silky back. Teasing me even further, she completed the rest of the action by bending over and slowly peeling down the remainder of the floral garment — flaunting her luscious teen rump in my face. She continued…

    “… but I don’t have it, Tanuki-kun.”

    Was her innocence all a sham or was there something else at work here? To be certain—and I didn’t even have to ask—she knew what my dirty mind desired. It reveled in naughty images of having the purity of this Japanese teen filthied. My thoughts were writhing like a horny hog wallowing in in a foot of muck. The half-naked beauty then treated me to the most phenomenal display of nubile sexiness, completely undressing before my erect eyes (see what happened here).

    It was more than evident, after scouring every nook and cranny of her dainty body with my certified tools-of-the-trade (nyuk-nyuk-nyuk), that The Golden Destiny was not present. I cannot say I was relieved, because I was sure that she had it—thinking this was all a ruse from the start to trap me like the green, tortoise-shelled oaf inside the den. How the hell did she see through my raccoon stealth anyway?

    Before leaving to survey the next target on my list, Mikuru-chan, I begged the Water Angel to grace me with her name. She replied, “You already know, sweet Tanuki-kun. You have always known.”


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