Wallpapers: Japanese Schoolgirl Fantasy Meets Naughty Nozomi Chan!

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to know that a ton of guys have a fetish for Japanese schoolgirls.  Actually it’s more than a ton but we broke the scale trying to calculate the actual weight.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you were either A. Born yesterday and you shouldn’t be surfing this site because you’re a baby (Cute Crazy Cats this way!), B. Checking out Japanese schoolboys instead (Can’t help you there!) or C. New to all things Japanese and in that case, welcome aboard!

It’s totally true though and here’s some crazy statistics to prove it:  Almost 500 MILLION cotton panties were sold last year in Japan according to labor statistics.  That’s almost 10 panties per female! Actually… it’s not, because according to the neighborhood hentai adult goods shop in Akihabara where we buy a lot of our costumes, Japanese men make up about 15% of total panty purchases! That’s 75 MILLION cotton panties bought by men last year, or almost 1 pair of panties per guy!Satsuki panty hole

What are they doing with all those panties?! Was Tanuki san ahead of the curve exactly a year ago when he caught on to that panty face fashion frenzy?!

Who knows for certain, but really who can blame them?  It’s almost impossible to avoid having to buy new ones.  Panties get destroyed so easily!… sticky juices, pee stains, panty holes perfect for finger insertions or other large objects.  What’s a guy to do?  I know!  Buy more panties!

That’s definitely what we’ll be doing after shooting Nozomi.  Right from the start Director H blew our minds by pulling out a brand new pair of strawberry panties for Nozomi to wear.  She had just arrived to the studio and her skin was fresh and clean.  There was no way she was blaming any other girl for any stains that showed up on those panties.  Any tiny mark was going to be all her fault!

Nozomi wrapped her long legs around the chair and popped her booty out towards the camera.  All we could imagine was what was happening in between, and the look on her face told us she knew exactly what we were thinking.  She was the real Sherlock!

When it was all over, Nozomi handed the panties to me with a giggle.  I sealed them airtight into a ziplock bag and started setting up for the next video.  All I could think about was whether or not to wash the panties or keep them tucked away.  What would you have done?











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