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Published on May 27th, 2015 | by Tanuki


Wallpapers: Masako’s Springtime Booty Fever!

Konnichiwa! O-hisashiburi desu! (Long time, no see!)

It’s been a few weeks since our last entry, so we hope you didn’t take us for missing or dead. Far from it! Spring Fever has hit us hard: the florid, enticing aroma of Sakura petals and kawaii Japanese cuties linger in our nostrils. Not only is the warm weather bringing out more girls, it’s bringing out, shall we say, far less clothing! We like this very much!

Our work load is increasing with each passing day as we approach summer! 🙂 That being said, if you’re not already a premium member of our site (it’s the #1 Japanese tease site around by the way), you’re really missing out on all the new, fresh-faced girls we’ve been shooting.

3 Sexy Chakuero Wallpapers!

Masako-chan: Booty-licious J-Bunny!

If you love gorgeous Japanese girls (we’re pretty sure this is a given though), and go bonkers for backside, you’re gonna love Masako-chan’s… well… you-know-what. She’s one of our newest models and fairly young at that (19 years old)!  For more info on this gorgeous beauty, check out Masako-chan’s profile!
cke18-masako-yellow-thong-booty-wallpaperHere she is looking innocent as heaven and sexy as hell in my favorite booty pose: hands-and-knees! Those alluring eyes peer deeply into our perverted souls. I find myself reaching for a kleenex to clean up the… uhm… drool from off my computer desk. Yes, that’s it. Oh, what I’d give to gently liberate her body from that tight, banana colored thong and go in very, VERY close for some *bleepity-bleep-bleep*. Enjoy!

Now it’s time for some bedroom fun with Masako-chan! She’s let her hair down just for you, and, as you can see, needs a little help taking off that last piece of lingerie. Won’t you oblige?

And last but not least, another beautiful backside shot of Masako-chan. This time, she’s fresh from the bathtub and sopping wet. I love my booty in almost any condition… especially when its glistening with droplets of sweat or water.

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