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Published on September 28th, 2012 | by SP Pengin


Wear on earth?!

My producer friend from the US finally found the time and saved up the money for a visit. I wish he had come a year ago though, plane tickets have gone way up and the Yen is killing the Dollar.

When he arrived he was carrying two huge suitcases even though he was only staying for five days. Turns out they were STUFFED with used and new model clothing. He had cleaned out his company’s closet. Instead of throwing everything out, he decided to make a CKE18 donation. This guy is CRAZY! I could totally imagine one of these bags popping open at the airport while going through immigration. Talking about potential embarrassment.

He promised up and down that he didn’t want anything out of the deal, but in good ole fashion Japanese tradition, we made sure he had a great time. Ichi go ichi-e.

In all honesty though, Japanese Idols are really small compared to American girls, so most of these things probably won’t work. I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing with all the clothes, so suggestions are welcome.

Here’s a photo. Let us know if you have any fun ideas!



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