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Welcome Another A-Cup Cutie to CKE18!


If you’re a fan of a-cup cuties, especially a-cup Japanese cuties, and fan service, then this newest girl we shot is going to make your mouth water… meet Ayana!  We have to be honest, we were a bit nervous about shooting her at first because she seemed too delicate but once the Director got her warmed up, everyone finally relaxed and we ended up having an awesome shoot together.  If you’re a member and you liked her first video, be sure to download these screencaps from “What’s Under Dress?”  These should make a great addition to your wallpaper collection!

ayana-japanese-cute-girl ayana-nice-booty ayana-sweet-face ayana-white-wild-thong ayana-japanese-kuikomi ayana-pulling-thong ayana-excited-touching ayana-amazing-cover ayana-hand-panty ayana-booty-smack-time ayana-sweet-booty-hole ayana-happy-see-you

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extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: A-Cup Cuties Willing to Become Wild on Video!

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