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    Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Tanuki


    Heaven Hath No Fury :: Kiss Your Anime Collection Goodbye!


    The hubby in this story probably would’ve preferred a black eye than having his treasure-chest of anime goodies sent to the trash heap.

    Picture, if you will, that classic scenario played out in so many movies and television shows: an infuriated girlfriend (or wife) losing all patience with her man and, in a berserker rage, she SNAPS; launching his clothes and coveted belongings out the window and onto the sidewalk below. A slew of expletives escaping her mouth like hot lead spraying from a jeep-mounted gatling gun. Whether her wrath of bullets is justified or not, we all know guys and girls are capable of nasty things during a relationship, forcing that “final straw” to be drawn.

    Take a Chill Pill!

    Some of these she-demon rampages can certainly be viewed as excessive, gross overreactions — nothing that a few deep breaths and happy thoughts couldn’t handle. Take, for example, the following story about a Japanese man who had his prized anime collection heaved into the dumpster by his irritated wife. Like any true, Naruto-fearing otaku, once you threaten their anime/manga collection, you’re dancing on thin ice. Well, the incident pushed hubby so far off the deep end, he called for a divorce. Why would his wife do such a thing?

    Two Sides to Every Story!

    Of course, she didn’t just randomly decide to disgrace his collection without her reasons. Do you think she had the right to get rid of his library of otaku epicness? You might also be intrigued and very surprised to find out what Japanese netizens thought of her point of view. I, for one, expected the comments to be different.

    If you were in the hubby’s place, what’s the one item (or items) that would cause you to break up (or in this case, divorce) your significant other? For me it would have to be a collection of imported CD’s from Japan. At 40 bucks a pop, those puppies add up. I hope to hold onto them for many years to come! That is, if I don’t rub a certain someone the wrong way 😉

    Sources: Nico Nico News and Rocket News

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