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Published on November 11th, 2017 | by Tanuki


A Wonderful (Virtual) Life in Another World Anime!

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The New Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life Anime

One of primary tropes in anime these days is the “normal Japanese person transported to another world anime” genre where they usually possess special advantages due to their knowledge of fantasy and/or video game worlds. The list of “another world anime” series is quite long, including Sword Art Online, Re:Zero, Konosuba, No Game No Life, Accel World, Rayearth, Overlord, Outbreak Company, The Familiar of Zero, Super Dimension Century Orguss, In Another World with my Smartphone, Restaurant in Another World, and Gate. And now there’s a new “another world anime” series: Net-Juu no Susume, or Recommendation of the Wonderful Net Life. It’s the story of a 30 year old NEET named Moriko playing an online game as a male character as a way of escaping from her stressful life. When she encounters a cute female character named Lily inside the game, the two players start having an in-world “romance,” each assuming the other is the gender of their character, though in reality Lily is the avatar of a socially awkward young man who works at a company nearby. It’s a charming and relaxing show with excellent characters and an original story, and we can’t help cheering for the two characters to find each other in the real world. The word Net-Juu (“a happy online life”) is a reference to Ria-Juu, a derogatory word for happy, well-adjusted people with boyfriends/girlfriends going on dates on Christmas Eve, who get mocked plenty in this show.

Part of speaking a foreign language means dealing with the possibility for garbled communications, as my bilingual family well knows. Over the weekend my son was visiting from university, and we wanted to go to see Thor: Ragnarok, which is marketed in Japan as Thor: Battle Royale because Japanese people aren’t up on their Norse mythology. I asked my wife if she wanted to go, but she said, “No! I wouldn’t want to see that movie, it seems much too scary.” We wondered why she would be afraid of a Superhero movie, and eventually realized she was talking about the newest Saw horror film, which for linguistic reasons is identical to Thor in Japanese (both are ソー, pronounced sau.)

Some other linguistic misunderstandings…

  • My wife has a chronic inability to differentiate the English words construction, constitution and constipation, and uses them all interchangeably. Also also once asked for “gross lipstick” for Christmas, but we figured she meant gloss lipstick.
  • In Japanese, the word for “detective” is 刑事 keiji, and my son grew up thinking that every Nicholas Cage movie was a connected series in which “Detective Nicholas” solved crimes.
  • My family has a home in the Tierrasanta area of San Diego, and my daughter once asked why it was named after Santa Claus wearing a tiara.
  • The word for “anyway” in Japanese is tonikaku. Naturally, my kids combined the two words as toni-way, creating a new word. I’m convinced most language changes flow from the creativity of children.
  • Virtually all Japanese think that Pizza Hut is really Pizza Hat.

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