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Write Sexy Japanese Haiku The CKE18 Way!

Light the incense, assume your finest lotus position and sound the chikan bell, for today we’ll clear our minds of all the nasty, built-up garbage and stress that’s been collecting over time. The CKE18 Idols will be our guiding beacon along the path to chakuero enlightenment.

With our thoughts and emotions amassed, we shall reflect …and release our energies into our very own chakuero Haiku (a poetic form of writing originating in Japan some 700+ years ago). But first…

Modern Haiku Crash Course (sort of):

While there are several rules and standards for writing Haiku that some experts (I’m not one of them) may argue over, there are a few critical points that I think all sides can agree on. Please, feel free to add to this list in the comment section at the end of this post.

+Although there are exceptions, modern Haiku can generally be identified as a short poem of only 3 lines using the 5/7/5 formula: the first line containing 5 syllables; the second having 7; and the third having 5. I’ll be using this as a guideline later on as an example.

+Since Haiku is very short, it should try to capture the essence of the moment—some moment, at least.

+The tone may be silly, serious, simple, complex, or incredibly profound. The subject matter and possibilities are only limited by the writer’s choices.

If you’d like more info on modern Haiku, let me google that for you!


In this Haiku example, I make reference to the current season and my favorite Japanese furry: the tanuki (狸). Here, I use the 5/7/5 formula mentioned above.

Winter’s biting breeze.

Through their dingy fur, it flows.

Haste tanuki make.

Note that in traditional Japanese Haiku the reference to nature and seasons through kigo (季語, “season word”) is used quite often. By some accounts, it is stated that in old times this was a required component for writing Haiku. The kigo were many with all sort of rich meanings relating to nature and the seasons.

Preparation! (Haiku the CKE18 way)

We begin our journey by seeking inwardly; reaching deep to the core that can neither be held nor seen by any common means. Let’s probe our vast neural network for every existing, disgusting, cantankerous thought that blocks our way. Negativity and bad vibes beware! Seek them stoically like the samurai who enters battle with a sense of unwavering purpose.

Welcome your restless thoughts, wild emotions, fears and anxieties …racing as they may be. Whether fleeing or confronting you head on, you’ve got the upper-hand! Calmly inhale through your nostrils  …then holding for a moment. Feel time let its unbridled rapidity slow down and start taking shape. Almost as if it were palpable. Now, exhale slowly through the mouth and and with it, all the negative baddies that you’ve scooped into your current, washing them away. Bliss!

Do It with Me! (CKE18 Idols Inspiration)

Now that you’re prepared, let’s write some CKE18 Haiku! Below, we have 3 incredibly sexy teaser clips featuring some of our most popular Idols: Uri (“Massage Pressure”), Miyu (“Tissue Control”) and Mikuru (“Book Report”). After watching these sample clips, try using the 5/7/5 formula to create your very own, original Haiku. Remember to loosen up, be free and have fun! Please leave your poem in the comment section.

japanese teen babe vibe play


The quivering of her breath.

Cherry blossom stain.

gorgeous japanese babe teasing

Whirring toy of lust.

Begging Miyu for the tease.

Pink dildo alert.

The smooth beaded touch.

Arouses warmth and pleasure.

Her thong becomes wet.

From here, this week’s post will be coming to a close. We’re hoping that you’re well on your way to becoming a master in the art of sexy chakuero Haiku and also look forward to reading your own submissions. Ja ne … ^__^

Mikuru Giveaway Contest:  Be sure to submit your sexy haiku about Mikuru in the comment section below! Arigatou!

extreme japanese amateur teen girlsCKE18 :: Extreme Japanese Teen Tease

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