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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Yuiko :: Meteoroid Crashlands in Japan (PART 3)!

First period classes had just begun at the fully-attended Tamana Girls High School that Monday morning; one of which was physical education. The girl’s locker room was bustling with the fluttery chatter of boy-crushes, college entrance exams, AKB48 member scandals and the occasional chirping of cellphones as some hurried off a text or checked email before getting into uniform.

Yuiko wasn’t caught up in all the fluffy banter of the locker room, for her mind was occupied on another matter. This day marked the beginning of late-winter’s volley ball sessions for the girls. You see, Yui-chan had the inherent (and unfortunate) quality of being clumsy, especially when it came to anything involving sports. The embarrassment of looking like a clown in front of her peers for squandering a could-be winning match, even though just a scrimmage, was enough to bring on a bout of nausea and anxiety. She was already finalizing plans to flee to an empty stall in the girl’s bathroom for the period. Although a crude place, it would be a sufficient safe-haven to avoid any business with flying balls or humiliation. For her, that was enough.. “Why couldn’t I have Mum’s track-star legs?”, she lamented. Trying to set adrift the thoughts of her genetic shortcomings, Yuiko began thumbing through the latest volume of Hot Gimmick.

Nearby, the metallic clang of a locker slamming shut severed Yuiko’s pathetic moment of introspection. Turning in the direction of the ruckus, she was met with an intimidating figure. Staring Yuiko dead in the eye with a catty grin on her face was none other than Sayaka: one of the “popular” girls in the class who, for some mysterious reason, just didn’t like Yuiko. Maybe it was that she resented her natural cuteness and had built up an acerbic jealousy which would manifest in the random bullying of “lesser” classmates. At a time when teen body chemistry is volatile, Yui-chan’s radiant skin (which never seemed to be burdened by blemishes) was quietly the envy of the other girls …most of whom fussed in vain with skin/beauty products.

Mirroring Sayaka’s arrogant posture were several lackeys, including her two lieutenants: Machiko and Tsubasa. All in this prissy crew of individuals were known to proudly flaunt their Hello Kitty pink-diamond barrettes. Such a sought-after, glittery trinket marked successful initiation and membership. Any non-member caught donning one without authorization held the penalty of a rather ecchi form of humiliation involving panty theft (which was the hallmark of the group’s devious punishments).

Sayaka inhaled deep, then forced a mouthful of air into her left cheek, puffing out a swollen mound that looked like the rotund belly of the laughing Buddha. Pointing proudly to her cheek balloon, Sayaka immediately shot a wink Yuiko’s way, blowing the hot air through her tight, puckered lips resulting in a raspy shriek. “Yui-chan! Knock ’em dead today, ne?”, she teased. Sayaka spoke these words with ill intent—intent to damage (and they sure did). Upon letting out a laugh of assertive dominance, her lieutenants and underlings all joined in to feed off of Yuiko’s misfortune. She sat there frozen, with shimmering eyes, clutching her manga tight in hand. Yuiko strained to hold back the hurtful memory of last year’s spectacle involving a speeding volleyball, the left side of her face, but most importantly …”Her”.

Painful Past

Amidst one of last year’s heated volleyball matches, Yuiko poised herself, ready to defend against an incoming spike. Darting into place to intercept the ball, her sharp finesse went into autopilot, setting her arms on one course, her face on another. A flash of yellow light paired with the thundering *boom* of a taiko drum bestowed upon her cheek a hot, vibrating sting. All fell silent, save for the sharp ringing in her ears and what she discerned as an intense pulse that coincided with the ripples of pain throughout her jaw and cheekbone. The heavy tug of gravity pulled towards the gym floor, beckoning for her collapse. Dazed and confused, all Yuiko kept repeating to herself was, “Lemon meringue pie … lemon meringue pie … lemon meringue pie … “.

Yuiko fought hard to keep balance, staggering aimlessly as if she’d been impersonating that one drunken fisherman who could be found loitering the Kikuchi’s banks. Her eyes welled up with tears, but it wasn’t until the laughter of the other girls had erupted, echoing an ensemble of high-pitched cackling, that her brimming eyelids overflowed like a punctured dam. The salty tears blurred her vision and had the effect of contorting the other schoolgirls’ faces into morbid, ivory-faced pandas that glared at her with ghostly ire.

Coach Murasaki’s whistle sent a screech across the volleyball court, silencing the onlookers’ commotion. Yuiko gently patted her eyes in order remove the excess dampness, wincing painfully at the slightest pressure to her left eye and cheek. She felt like such a burden to her team and regretted ever having put herself in front of the ball.

As Yuiko counted the seconds go by in anticipation of her vision coming back, Sayaka could be seen on the opposite side of the net indiscreetly nodding in the affirmative to her teammate that spiked the ball: Machiko-chan. With what was a cruel task accomplished, Yuiko’s best friend since childhood left her side to join a new crowd.

Run Away

The repeat experience of such an emotional travesty was not worth the risk to Yuiko, so she suppressed the forming of tears that were about to be  released and did nothing to indulge Sayaka’s taunt. Turning away from her stuck-up aggressor, Yuiko rifled through her gym locker and threw on a fresh set of bloomers.

Apparently, the bitch squad didn’t appreciate being ignored on this occasion, so Machiko-chan was elected to handle things once again. Waltzing up next to Yuiko while she was sitting, reaching to pull up her white athletic socks, Machiko chimed, “If you don’t want to play, maybe we can skip gym class together, hmmmm?”.

This was the first time since the incident that she had spoken words to her old friend. She didn’t particularly feel like harassing Yuiko, but face needed to be saved while in front of her sisters. To sink the point with added flair, Machiko reached into Yui-chan’s bloomers and hooked a finger onto her panties, yanking them upward, finishing with a sharp release. Like the crack of a whip, the pinching of her flesh sent shocks up Yuiko’s spine. A heatwave of nervousness swept across her body causing her bladder to tremble and sweat to bead across her head and forearms. The perspiration instantly chilled against her skin. Would she be hazed right there by the one girl with whom she’d spent a hundred sleepovers? How could she? Yuiko braced herself, stricken with disbelief.

Coach Murasaki’s whistle sounded, declaring the girls make their way to the court. As all of the girls filed out of the locker room, eager to get late-winter’s volleyball sessions underway, little Yui-chan fled to the bathroom stall with tears in her eyes and fresh urine soaking her blue undergarment. Though the girls appeared quiet and vacant, Yui was not alone in the porcelain shelter. Something was waiting …observing …studying …learning.


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