Rating: 6.7/10
Ball Bouncing Booty

Yayoi better look out! Ayame shows us that ball bouncing isn’t all about boobies. When it comes to ball riding, Japanese chakuero idols are amazing… errr, of course we’re talking about balance balls, right?! Every girl has her own technique. Ayame for example, is all about the booty! It’s actually pretty difficult to pose on a ball, but this sexy girl made it look easy. If you like Ayame’s posing or school gym cosplay, then leave her a nice comment!

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  1. Ayame is my favourite CKE18 girl, she is very beautiful, I liked her white skin as milk, her pretty face, lovely eyes, and elegant hair cut, her cute twintails and innocent face definitely touched my heart, I want to see more from Ayame.

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