Rating: 7.8/10
T-Back Bubble

When we say this sexy Japanese girl is bubbly, we’re not just talking about her personality. Ayame has a big thick bubbly booty that needs as much attention as possible. Jiggle taps anyone?! During our outdoor shoot, she got a thrill out of feeling the breeze against her lovely cheeks. Her reaction was “I need to wear a thong with a sundress more often!” We don’t know if she was serious or if she was just teasing us, but if you do by chance visit Japan and catch a glimpse of Ayame-chan, make sure to have a peak… with her permission of course! One question we always get from CKE18 members is: “Does anyone ever come up and say hello when you shoot outside?” To be honest, we really don’t. Of course we get people who watch from off in the distance, but luckily onlookers are very respectable towards the idols. If that was you, then thank you! And thank you for supporting our site too. We can’t do it without you!

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