B85/W58/H86 cm
(B33.5 /W22.8/H33.9 inch)
Rating: 7.7/10
5th, Mar
155cm (5feet 1.02inch)
Human Watching
Guessing person’s age

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When we say this sexy Japanese girl is bubbly, we're not just talking about her personality. Ayame has a big thick bubbly booty that needs as much attention as
Rating: 9/10
Whenever I'm on the hot sandy beach, I'm always thinking about cameltoes. I guess that's similar to being in the desert and thinking about camels. Luckily I'm a
Rating: 7.5/10
Yayoi better look out! Ayame shows us that ball bouncing isn't all about boobies. When it comes to ball riding, Japanese chakuero idols are amazing... errr, o
Rating: 6.7/10

Director's Comments

When she was a high-school girl, her classmate started calling her “Mistress” because she looks like such a sexy girl. Ayame, she joked a lot “Yes I’m the Mistress of a president” to classmates, but she did not like the nickname. In her country side, being sexy is too conspicuous! She decided to come to Tokyo and try to find out what’s her real personality, but when she move to Tokyo still everybody said “you are a sexy girl!” At the same time, Dan-Mitsu, a 30 y/o sexy talent woman became super popular on TV shows. Dan-Mitsu had the same experience to Ayame!! Ayame was impressed by her sexy beauty style, and she thought it is interesting to be as sexy as possible as long as you are naturally a sexy girl!
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  1. i wish to see more skins.I want to see the girls nude completely,I thought i was gonna see naked girls not covering their tits for that i can see it in youtube and not pay a penny

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