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Rating: 6.4/10
Ayame was reluctant to have island shooting because her soft white skin burns so easily. That's okay some times if Japanese girls are trying to make the sexy gal (kira kira) look, but normally they don't like having so much sun. The only way we could convince her to fly off with us is if we promised to make sure her body was lotioned up at all times. It's hilarious but this was such a serious conversation before shooting. To lighten up the mood and win her approval, we showed her some island shoots we did with other girls and some lotion videos. I can't say for sure how she decided to shoot, but I'd like to think it was from imagining us rubbing her down wwww. Shooting Ayame was great and we hope it's not the last time. If you love her videos as much as we do, please leave her a nice compliment.
Syrup Sweetie There was no way this lovely Japanese girl was leaving the set without getting messy, in proper chakuero fashion! The m
Plastic Wrap Massage Tia looked cold standing in bottomless panties and no top. She was probably hoping we would hand her a bath robe, but i
Neon Green String Bikini While we were shooting sexy Rika chan, we started talking about how awesome it would be to have enough money to be able

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