Rating: 8.4/10
T-Back Cutie Booty

First off, let me apologize to all the members at CKE18. Last week when I was doing my photo update ritual, I accidentally moved the site folder into another folder. It caused the site to go down for quite some time and Saito-san had no idea what had happened. He was panicking, thinking it might be an enemy attack. Nope, just dumb ole Yoshi! With that said, I worked hard for you guys this past week to get this larger than usual Ayane set ready to go. She could have worn anything under that dress but she decided on this tiny white t-back thong, and I shot it like crazy! If you like Ayane`s hot booty as much as we do, leave her some praise in the comments, but don`t get too excited… you might delete your hard drive!

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