Meet Team CKE18!

Being part of the CKE18 team is incredibly fun and hilarious at times, but we also work really hard to bring you the best experience possible! This page is dedicated to the awesome people who work behind the scenes to make it all come together on a daily basis:

Director H. – (Producer, Director) You won’t see his face on screen, but his hands are famous! When you watch a Japanese girl jumping uncontrollably, that’s him in action. He’s got the touch. He’s got the power! He is a pro at picking up girls and talking them in to shooting for CKE18. His methods are a mystery along with his name, but one thing is for certain… Thanks to Director H., CKE18 has the cutest, sexiest, youngest, and freshest Japanese teens you’ll ever see on the internet!

Mr. Tanaka – (Videographer) Our oldest and wisest team member. While he might not know how to post photos of wild Japanese girls to Twitter, he definitely knows how to shoot them! Originally he was a Director of Photography in the Japanese movie industry, but after hitting 50, he retired early and set off on his second dream… to capture as many beautifully naked Japanese girls as possible! With two trucks full of equipment, he is the Japanese Rambo of Chakuero video shooting!

Yoshi – (Photographer) The luckiest guy on set! He’s there to take photos, but if Director H. becomes distracted during video shooting, Yoshi gets to put his hentai hands on the girls most private areas. Of course they never seem to mind because he makes them feel comfortable with entertaining stories and jokes throughout the day. They always fall for his “professional nice guy” routine and each time he gets their contact info, it’s always the first time wwww. Can you believe he actually gets paid for this?!

Ayako Chan – (Hair/Make Artist) If you want to meet Japanese girls, your first friend should be a hair and makeup artist! Ayako works intimately with all the idols we shoot, and her friends that meet up with her after work are phenomenal! Beautiful beauticians of course! Some of the juiciest stories are probably told in the changing room, but sadly for us guys we’ll never find out! One thing we do know though is Ayako can’t hide the fact that she loves touching girls, so if you catch a set of female hands on camera, it’s probably her!

Rat King – (Producer, Webmaster) He’s got a crush on a yellow suited sexy news reporting vixen, but doesn’t let that get in his way of his addiction to Japanese Chakuero Idols! From deep inside the Tokyo Sewer system, the Rat King makes sure wild Japanese girls keep flowing to CKE18 without interruption! When things online are running smoothly, he spends his time on set munching on snacks intended for the talent, flirting with the girls, and talking them out of their panties for giveaways. He calls that “working” but we’re not so sure!

Karai – (Producer, Photo Director) “More spicy!” That’s what you’ll hear every time on set with Karai. Our femme fatale leader has an insatiable taste for Japanese teens, and she’s there to make sure the challenge is carried out. When she’s not visiting the studio to turn up the heat, Karai is heading the photo editing process. Most of her work is creating light consistency and color unity across a set of images, but when girls get too self-conscious about small blemishes, she shows her softer side and makes sure they’re lightly touched up.

S.A.I.T.O. – (Customer Support, Security) So Uri chan’s tiny t-back booty hole video isn’t streaming fullscreen across your ginormous monitor at the juiciest resolution?! Have no fear… Saito Sensei is here to help! He’s got the tech-guru knowledge and cyber tools to get you out of one sticky situation and into another. Like a Japanese MacGyver with guns, Saito can will come to the rescue. Pirates run in fear and Japanese girls drop their panties because every girl loves a relationship built around “security”!

Casey J. – (Marketing Director) Hey you! Where did you just pop in from?! Cow Tippin’ Town, USA? The high speed German Bundesautobahn? A crater on the surface of Mars? Wherever you came from, Casey J probably had something to do with getting you here, and yes it’s true that he even sends photos of chakuero girls into space. He’s our strategy and marketing guru and it’s his job to get the word out about CKE18 so fans like yourself can find us amongst all the noise of the galactic interwebs!

Tanuki — (Staff Blogger, CKE18 Evangelist) When a violent storm suddenly ravaged the lush forest where Tanuki and his family were foraging, he became separated from them during the scramble for shelter. Tucking himself inside the hollow of an oak tree to wait out the storm, Tanuki subsequently became knocked unconscious when a bolt of lightening split the trunk. Transported through the Interdimensional Rift, Tanuki awoke in a seemingly familiar place, but in an unfamiliar humanoid body. Coping with his new predicament, Tanuki has slowly mixed into society maintaining a low profile. Becoming absolutely fascinated by the people he now observes, Tanuki loves blogging about pop-culture Japan (especially girls and gaming) all the while moonlighting as a private investigator, searching for any clues that might help him return home.

Want to join the team as a bog writer and get the perks of being behind the scenes? Send us an email!

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