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Rating: 5.3/10
Sausage Snack
Misuzu said she was hungry, but when we gave her a fish sausage she didn't want to gobble it down. Was she such a picky eater? Nope, she just couldn't let such a perfect opportunity to tease slip by so easily. That's what you call chakuero dedication! Especially considering how tasty these sausages are. I don't know if anyone on the staff would have been able to resist. Misuzu's self discipline paid off and we ended up with one of the most ecchi and hottest videos she's ever shot. If you think Misuzu did a good job, please let her know in the comments!
Slime Massage One thing that chakuero idols like about slime massages is... they can hide their embarrassing wet panties with the goo.
Poke and Suck The theme of this set was "I'll tease you because you teased me!". I started off by tickling Alice's thighs while she la
Flute Panties I don't know if you've ever had the nightmare (or awesome dream depending on your point of view) where you wake up and f

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