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Rating: 7.3/10
Short Skirt Flirt
Misuzu's legs are a bit short, so the balance ball wasn't easy for her. We were all worried she'd go bouncing off into space, and then we'd have to shoot upskirt shots while she held on to the chandelier, but lucky for her that didn't happen. What I love about Misuzu is how her nervousness mixes with her daring side. Every time she gets the courage to try something new, there's an amazing spark in her eye that creates a rush of excitement. Misuzu is short skirt flirt and she's teasing without even realizing it. She's sassy AND classy! Do you like short or petite Japanese girls? What's your favorite feature? Let us know so we can be on the look out for the next CKE18 idol!
Slime Massage One thing that chakuero idols like about slime massages is... they can hide their embarrassing wet panties with the goo.
Poke and Suck The theme of this set was "I'll tease you because you teased me!". I started off by tickling Alice's thighs while she la
Flute Panties I don't know if you've ever had the nightmare (or awesome dream depending on your point of view) where you wake up and f

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