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Rating: 7.6/10
I think the biggest thrill from shooting chakuero videos is when the girl comes in you have no idea how crazy she will end up while shooting. This was especially a great feeling with Rina chan. She was much wilder than we imagined when we first met. Japanese girls are often easy to pressure and some scummy directors will push the girl too hard to do something she regrets. Sometimes people say our videos aren't crazy enough for them, but one thing we can be proud about is we never pressure the girl. Besides it being nice for her, we can also enjoy knowing how crazy a girl REALLY is when we finish shooting. To us that's way hotter than forcing a girl to do something she is upset about later. What do you think?
Interview As we wrapped up the day`s shoot, Minami snuggled up in a warm bathrobe. I`ve always wanted to do that too, but as the d
Offshot I don`t mean to sound braggadocios, but when the airplane lifted off the runway heading for the islands and Japanese cut
Offshot Holy twin torpedos Robin, Mao might knock you out like POW! Any time you shoot a Japanese girl, you`re left with an incr

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