Win Elly’s Net Shirt!
Finishes in 7 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes

Today we have a very special treat! We’re giving away Elly’s hot orange net shirt to one lucky Member! We try our best to find Japanese girls who never made a chakuero video before, but sometimes we can’t resist working with a popular talent. Of course Elly is at the top of the list! You know she’s famous for having an incredible booty, but Continue reading


Win Machiko’s Garden Shoes
Finishes Project completed!
I don't believe any one on our team has a shoe fetish, and if they do they're keeping it a secret! Recently t Continue reading →


Win Tsubasa’s Egg Vibrator!
Finishes Project completed!
Tsubasa is one of the original CKE18 girls and now you can win a piece of history! Egg vibrators are used a Continue reading →


Win a 1 Month Membership
Finishes Project completed!
We are giving a way a 1 Month Membership to CKE18 though! Are you getting a PS4 for Christmas? How about an Continue reading →


Win Rimi’s Slingshot Bikini!
Finishes Project completed!
Who out there is a fan of mega cutie Rimi chan?! Here's the bigger question! Who is going to start bring Continue reading →


Win Saya’s Cotton Dress
Finishes Project completed!
Saya had just finished jumping around and riding a banana before she put on this dress. She was truly sweaty, Continue reading →


Win Minami’s Signed Panties!
Finishes Project completed!
Minami is the newest girl at CKE18 and she's making her entrance with a bang! We know you guys have been begg Continue reading →


Win Girls Used Massage Wand!
Finishes Project completed!
Right as she had the vibrator pressed hard against her tight little snatch, it had a toygasm and burnt up righ Continue reading →


Win Ryouko’s Cool Blue Hoodie
Finishes Project completed!
This month's prize is Ryouko's very own sexy sweaty hoodie! Most Japanese girls on CKE18 are cute, fun, and s Continue reading →

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