Challenge: Big Banana BJ. Machiko Can't Stop!

(Video Runtime: 13:27) Machiko picked out this pink thong and she seemed so excited for no reason to put it on. As the tight thong worked it's way in deep between her legs, we had to remind ourselves there was more to do for this video! The challenge was sucking a banana but Machiko wasn't about to stop there. Her tiny little mouth could barely wrap around the hentai fruit and it didn't take long before her imagination got the best of her. As she peeled out of her new favorite thong, Machiko slowly pressed the banana against her perfectly shaved pussy. As things started to heat up, one of the staff made a terribly timed joke... he thought the banana would be a good giveaway www. Would you have wanted that if we could have mailed it to you fast enough? Maybe you'd rather us send Machiko in the mail. She would love to be your sugary breakfast!

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