Challenge: Windy Day Cosplay Toy Riding!

(Video Runtime: 8:19) At CKE18, when a nurse carries a bag into the room, you don't have to worry about being poked with a needle or having to say "ahhhh." Instead, you can bet you're about to be in for a wild treat! As quick as you can snap your fingers, that doctors office has turned into a VIP room. Machiko is about to give you the show of your life. In fact, this is possibly her hottest video to date. Besides Machiko's booty looking incredible in a tiny tight white thong, she's got a couple of toys in her nurse bag that need testing. Be careful though, as this topless cutie unleashes her wild side, she's got an eye on your pulse. Anything too high and she might have to unzip your pants to let out the pressure!...

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Many Japanese Girls trying Sexy Cosplay for the first time at CKE18!

Rina Y, 18y/o
Rin, 18y/o
Tia, 21y/o
Uri, 18y/o
Satsuki, 19y/o