Challenge: Take Down the Girls Club Leader!

(Video Runtime: 10:07) You might be a new student but you better learn quickly how things work around here! Minami isn't just your average class mate, so be careful how you look at her. She is THE leader of the Girls Club and that means when she talks everyone listens. All the girls dream of being her and every guy is in love. Oh she might look like a sweet Japanese girl with her wide smile but that's just an act she puts on for the Headmaster. Behind the scenes she's the hentai queen of the school and the ultimate tease. Some people say she's a virgin and others say she's slept with half the class, but no one really knows the truth! This secret video proves her intentions so just remember you've been warned! Really though! How many club introductory videos have you seen hijacked and turned in to booty hole fantasy flicks? Only Minami san and somehow she'll never get caught! So why did you transfer here any way?

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