Challenge: Taming a Hentai Obsessed Japanese Girl

(Video Runtime: 12:22) Minori might be the biggest teaser we've ever shot and that's saying a lot considering we like to think of ourselves as the tease professionals. By this point in the shoot, she had a cleaver look in her eye like she had our game figured out... almost like one of those raptors from Jurassic Park. You could see the wheels turning in her head and it was almost frightening! Was she about to pull all of our pants down and give us a group "massage" in an attempt to defeat our professionalism?!?! All the crew had the same feeling so one of the guys said "Quick, throw her a toy" as if she really was one of those meat eating dinosaurs! As Minori wrapped her 18 year old lips around the fat rubber shaft, a dirty look of satisfaction came across her face. As he carefully poked around her t-back thong like a true adventurer, the director was the only one who had the ability to tame this wild creature. She wasn't about to get the best of us! No, Minori with her plastic doll-like pussy would be the one worked up!

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