Challenge: Can Reina Stop After Banana Sucking?

(Video Runtime: 11:24) After complimenting Reina's breasts during the Sundress shoot, she seemed excited for any challenge. Every word and smile out of her sexy Japanese mouth reminded us to "focus on the lips." This time around we would make a banana sucking video. To our surprise however, right in the middle of shooting Rina changed the plan and turned it into her very own self service video. Was she so turned on because we had complimented her? Could it be sucking the banana was getting her excited? Maybe the cotton towel panties were rubbing her wet little pussy just the right way? There was no way to know for sure but watching her wild lips wrap around the banana definitely had our attention! Sometimes a Japanese girl's reaction is so random and mysterious. In this case, we'll just blame it on the banana!

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