Challenge: Bead Thong Making Reina Too Excited?

(Video Runtime: 6:25) Normally when you shoot green screen, the point is actually replacing the background! Our original plan was adding floating hearts and sparkles but once we got this footage in the editing room, we realized Reina's skin looked awesome and her eyes looked deeper than ever against the green color. We decided to keep the green! Of course background or no background didn't change the fact that Reina found herself once again turned on by her own lovely body. As Reina ran her hands across her see through outfit, we knew the beaded thong was exactly what was getting her excited. Those thongs tease girls like crazy. We've written about it extensively...

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So Many Tight Bead Thongs Rubbing Japanese Girls at CKE18!

Rina Y, 18y/o
Rin, 18y/o
Tia, 21y/o
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Satsuki, 19y/o