Challenge: Capture Reina's Luscious Lips and Breasts

(Video Runtime: 10:52) if you didn't notice from Reina's schoolgirl video, she has some of the luscious lips we've ever seen, and they are 100% natural according to her. They really do catch your attention and lure you in. As we shot her prancing around in a lovely sundress we made a note to focus on those cherry kissers through out the day. A big part of having a successful shoot with a girl is identifying her assets and finding ways to show them off. Sometimes the girls know their strong points, but it's really fun when we show them something new they can be proud of. Japanese girl's boobs come in all shapes and sizes and everyone on the crew has a favorite type. Most of our guys prefer girls with small nipples, but Reina ended up being an exception. The shape of her breasts when shot from the side were phenomenal, almost anime babe quality. Reina said no one had ever brought that up and she was so happy to discover that. And just like that, a spark lit up in her eyes and her breast massaging went to the next level. Have you ever paid attention to a girl's reaction when you compliment her? Tell us about that experience!

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