Challenge: Sunny Day Outdoor Nipple Massage!

(Video Runtime: 5:46) Before you start laughing, yes we know the opening of this video looks like the triceratops scene from Jurassic Park, but don't worry! We would never force lovely Rina to stand anywhere near a giant pile of dinosaur poo, that's one Japanese fetish we won't be diving in to at CKE18! We have to be grateful though... we were lucky enough to make an island friend who let us do shooting on his land. Of course who wouldn't let a fit beauty like Rina prance around in the nude?! They would have to be crazy to say no! Rina really enjoyed shooting this video. The thrill of being nude outdoors and having her perfect a-cup breasts massaged in public was almost too exciting for her to handle. If you've got a big apartment around Japan, let us know and let's turn it into a shoot location!

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