Challenge: Butterfly Thong Finger Check!

(Video Runtime: 10:55) Before this video we had to let Rina rest because she overworked herself from trying to please everyone. Japanese girls will do that every time! Meanwhile in the room next door, the Director was racking his brain to come up with a great challenge to finish the shoot off with. He didn't want Rina to push herself past her limits, so he hatched the perfect plan! Since Rina had gotten worked up so much from the last video, he would check her temperature to make sure she wouldn't overheat! The only problem... we didn't bring the thermometer. A finger and a guess would have to do the trick! As the Director pulled Rina's butterfly thong down to her knees past her warm and tight little pussy lips, she just relaxed and enjoyed herself. Seconds later she slipped in to ecstasy and her energy level fully returned.

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