Video Screen Caps / Ryouko - Soft Bead Tease (9min 19sec)

Ryouko's Japanese ass is like an electromagnetic lethal weapon. It's like Kryptonite for the CKE18 director. As soon as she lowers her pants and shows off her sexy netted bead thong, you want to put the camera down and beg on your knees for her love. But when she reveals her tight little booty hole, you can't take it any longer. Licking every inch of her body would be ecstasy.

Nautrally Bald Pussycat!

We've undressed a lot of Japanese girls, but Ryouko has to be the chakuero queen of soft skin. Every move she makes in front of our camera is seductive and sensual. Be careful though, her eyes will suck you in and trust us, there's no escape!!

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